What's In The Garage? [Photos]

Not a lease deal since purchase made more sense with the tax credits, here is my 2021 X5 45e:

MSRP: $69,640
Dealer Discount: $6,940
APR Credit: $2,500
Corp Sales: $1,000
OL Code: $500 (BMW did not honor their portion since the car was a special order but the dealer did honor their $500)
CO Tax Credit: $4000
Federal Tax Credit: $7500
Net Price: $47,200

A few things that sweetened the deal:

  • 0.9% APR financing for 60 months
  • Dealer had no handling fee charge, which usually is around $700 here in CO
  • They gave $42k for my Model 3 trade-in, which was the net price I paid for the car once the tax credits are factored in so the Model 3 ended up being the cheapest car I have ever owned. It probably won’t be my last Tesla…

Signed docs and sent wire for my new C8 Corvette 3LT Z51 Coupe!

Car is Torch Red over Natural Competition Bucket Seats. Loaded with every option including the transparent removable roof!




when are we going for a ride

When you buy a Bolt from me :cowboy_hat_face:


so who is gonna move this out of here now ! lol

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Who’s gonna say it’s off topic? lol

Imagine being a weak suck dealer and selling it for sticker :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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cute vette, breh

:wink: (I want to hear it!)

No doubt it has a pleasing exhaust note

Surprised nobody has asked about this yet - what did the numbers end up looking like for an employee deal? MSRP I’m assuming?

My owner refused to sell me one at MSRP so I used a connection in Michigan and bought it from them lol


Is your owner going to give you trouble for that? I was reading on askcarsales that it’s an issue (or can be).

No, he understood and encouraged me to buy it. I’m really cool with my GM.


2013 Z16 Grand Sport 60th Anniv.
the Gazelle is my buddy’s, we were detailing our cars.


Were you able to have it drop shipped?

It was an in stock unit at a dealer in Michigan, so I paid to have it shipped to CA.

Not too bad, the transport company I use hooked me up as it’s my personal car.


That is cool you found one at or close to MSRP, I drove by the Chevrolet dealer here in Clearwater Florida this afternoon (trying to sniff out some LT1s…of which they had none), but they did have 9 C8, including this one sans roof for a mere +$35k over MSRP.


For those who like backs better than fronts…