VW Arteon Deal Check - Brain in a blender

Hi Folks,

Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. In order to keep my sanity, I need some input on this deal from my local VW dealership. The Finance Manager is offering me the following:

2019 VW Arteon SEL R-Line (Demo: ~3300 miles)
MSRP: $45240
Selling Price: $37,750
RV 41.5%
MF .00001
Incentives: $5,600

  1. 36 Month lease $0 DAS $539/month 12k miles OR
  2. 36 Month lease $1800 (Up fronts, 1st month, etc.) $489/month 12k miles

I think he’s trying to roll the rebate into the selling price, but at this point i’m looking for additional clarity. Correct me if i’m wrong, but we should be aiming for ~15% before rebates are factored in, correct?

Many thanks!

I don’t know, should you? We haven’t seen too many of these deals on LH. Have you been to the VWvortex forums to see how much folks are paying for their Arteons? That should give up a starting point for where discount should be. Not sure what a good deal for a demo would be, but I would agree that definitely more than 13%.

I know they’re not very popular and VW doesn’t expect to sell many of them (crap RV), but most VW dealers are stingy on discounts unless there’s dealer cash in the trunk.

Check VW rebates.

Discount looks too low for a loaner.

Regardless of this deal vs other Arteon deals, you better really love this car to spend that much on it. You can probably get an audi a5 for cheaper. BMW 5 series as well.

That’s basically S5 Sportback P+ money


The residual on these makes them a terrible deal

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I appreciate the advice from everyone. The dealer asked if I was feeling okay after I said I wanted 13% off before incentives. These VW guys are something else…or maybe it’s just me.

Cheers everyone!

Not great customer service.

Maybe try another dealer?

As others have said, either find another VW dealer or look for another car. Now I get it why I don’t see that many Arteons on the road. I have seen maybe 3 in total (more like 2) on the roads here in MA.

VW messed up the pricing on this car. Why would they price it so high that folks would rather pay “extra” to get an Audi at a better lease price? I was one of those folks waiting for the arrival of the Arteon on US shores back in 2018. However, after a couple of delays, I ended up going with an Audi. I have no regrets.

@CaptainPeirce1991 - I bet if you reach out to dealers in your area that might have leftover 2019 S5 Sportback P+, you might be able to score a deal within your budget. Check out the “Shared Deals” section on LH for research. The end of the month/end of quarter is a couple of weeks away. Lease support on 2019s might be ending this month, hence I will suggest starting your search ASAP.

Good luck.

EDIT: What mileage terms are you looking for? 10k, 12k or 15k per year?

The above deal was for 10k miles, included MSDs and $4500 in incentives, with some money DAS.

Now that we are offering other vehicles:

Maybe an S60/90? The T6 is a really great engine, and they are leasing much better than that Arteon for (imo) a nicer car.

That’s the only other Arteon thread I’ve seen recently

Wow - loving the feedback on this site. Folks taking the time and effort out of their day to help one another is refreshing to see, especially during times like this.

@Bluemkn57cars - Thank you for the advice. I agree with what you said, but figured i’d be able to steal one of these things given it’s a 2019, demo, and they don’t sell well - unfortunately I was wrong. I’ll take a look at the remaining Audi 2019’s per your recommendation. It seems like the A5 SB Prem + is my best bet with minimal down.

Also check out deals on remaining 2019 A5 P+.

I wouldn’t touch this car lease or purchase.
It is a car nobody asked to be built and will be $12,000 off MSRP in less than 2 years and discontinued.


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Agreed. Some dealers around me have brand new 2019 models for about 14% off MSRP before additional rebates (like college grad and military). I still would not buy one.

EDIT: No 2020 models on dealer lots yet here in MA.

It absolutely occupies a strange segment. I personally think the car is completely priced out of its own market. The Stinger represents a much better value for the same money and with better engine options. The arteon should have focused more in performance, it’s just a half-baked car.

And is rear-wheel drive…

VW reps apparently asked auto journalists at the preview events if they thought it would sell decently in the US. The fact that VW even has to ask a question perhaps explains the predicament they are in (and I say this as someone who really likes my Golf SportWagen).

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I think they’re mostly curious about if sedans will sell… I doubt they’re Asking about their SUVs. Anyways, last off topic post from me…

I’ve always wondered how lease deals look on these. I think the discount you’re getting is pretty weak. That’s about $1k more than non-demo '19’s are going for near me (Denver).

Given I’m doing $500/month ($500 down) on my 2019 Stinger GT1 that was $48,990 and had 0 miles on it, I’d say you could do a lot better.

I’d try a different dealer - seems like even high volume VW dealers can’t get rid of these, and one of them is bound to budge.