I Dare You To Lease An Arteon

I Double Dog Dare You…

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 VW Arteon SE
MSRP: $37,310

Monthly Payment: $342
Drive-Off Amount: $979
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 7500
MF: .00001
Residual: 42%
Available Incentives: $500 Military or $500 First Responder
Region: SOCAL Brah.
Leasehackr Score: Straight Fire

Just Pretend it’s a BMW and then tell yourself how Awesome this deal is.

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ADD $8 Per Month to go to 10k.


LMAOOOOOO :joy: :joy: :joy:


I pretend I am driving an A6


For a BWM, I would expect the payment to be $250/mo :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



This post deserves a triple dog dare ya.

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I’d never even heard of the name Arteon…did they just change the name to a passat/jetta?

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They renamed the CC basically


I think it’s a cool looking car.

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From the last decade

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Come and Get it.


That’s going to have a pretty high discount if you can get the payments that low with a 42% residual. I think the car is good looking and scratches maybe 75% of the itch of a previous generation A6. Not a fan of how it drive, but I can see a lot of people happy with a lease like that.

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Jokes aside I would argue this is legit alternative to the current 430i if you are tired of BMW



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And apparenty their SEL-R line with 4 motion starts at $ 9,999,999. Just in case you are that rich and are on LH trying to figure out what to lease next. :joy:


Well, in its defense, it’s apparently the best at a lot of things…

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LH Score: Straight Fire :fire:

That made me laugh…cheers to you!

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Cheers to you Mate.

Maybe with a Golf R engine :wink:

Has to be one of the lowest residuals I’ve seen in a while

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I have no clue why vw thought this would work, reintroducing a new CC and calling it an Arteon. Lucky if they sell a few hundred a month. It’s not a bad looking car and yes for a price under $300 I would lease it, but this car will probably stop production by 2022.

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