Updated BMW MSD policy

@littleviolette, can you make the following change in the calc per BMWFS updated MF policy

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Also, if the mileage allowance/deduction for loaners change, the calculator will need updating too.

Updated the Calculator to account for the new MF policy.


The calculator for BMW needs to be updated for the changes from 5k to 7.5k miles for mileage adjustment on loaners.


BMW demo car residual adjustment updated, along with added feature to capitalize upfront tax.


Thank you !
Received this message when I tested, "Only demo cars between 4,000 and 7,000 miles can be leased through BMWFS"

I think allowance is 7500 miles.


Correct, it’s 7500

I’ll add another wrinkle as well.

The following cars have a 0.30 per mile RV adjustment on miles > 500

6, 7, 8, ALPINA, i8, x6, x7, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, X4M, x5M, x6M, x7M

The rest remain at 0.25 per mile RV adjustment on miles > 500

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Let’s confirm and consolidate the information so we can reflect the updated policy accurately on the calculator.

  1. Adjustment mileage allowance: 4000-7500 miles (not including 7500 miles);
  2. $0.30/mile adjustment for certain models (is this list exhaustive? @YourLeaseConsultant?).

Also adding @BMW_Dave to chime in.

Thank you!

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I have the official bulletin on that. Just not able to post as I’m not home. Ran into it on a deal yesterday for the mrs

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I pulled over and pulled it from my email just in case you were updating the calc now. Sales mgr had to look it up when I questioned him so I’m guessing it was another change that happened this month


True dedication to the LH community! Thank you!

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When you’re stuck between traffic and red lights, and have radio Disney blaring to keep the kid quiet, you either read to pass the time or slam your head off the steering wheel repeatedly


Unless my dealer screwed up, even the psuedo M cars seem to have the $.30 per mile overage. My M235 contract shows $0.30/mi past contractual miles.


Further updated BMW’s demo car residual adjustment policy based on the information provided. Thanks guys!


That is such a neat feature you added with 2 different adjustments. Thanks you.

I agree, the ability to adjust the mileage charge is fantastic! I just used that feature to adjust the calculator for my M235 signed on last week. (I didn’t realize the Mxxx cars were treated the same as the Mx cars as far as BMWFS was concerned).

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Hasn’t the 6 series been discontinued?

No wonder they put those baby pops and bangs in the exhaust :rofl: They had to justify the mileage upcharge right ? lol


Thanks team!! One more thing @littleviolette, some loaners that are still out the with <4k miles will qualify for the exception. So hopefully you left the mileage adjustment available below 4k.

Sorry I couldn’t get back quicker. Good thing there’s so many BMW Pros here!! For real. you guys rock!

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