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Hope this is Trophy Garage worth but if not feel free to roast me! Haha.
Posting as a big THANK YOU to this community.

I was able to get this 2018 Stelvio (MRSP $45,450) deal from Crisswell in MD in August. Just received it today due to a shipping delay due to hurricane Florence.

The deal is as follows…
$320 down. $320 per month. 24 months/30k miles.
Cap Cost $37323.80. Rebates $5250. Total payments = $7680

This is a little cheaper than the other deals however its also for a vehicle with less options. Its pretty close to a base model w/just upgraded rims and cold weather package. Love it so far this. Hell of a vehicle for the money.

Again, thanks to everyone in this community. Y’all were so helpful. I’m looking forward to the end of this lease so I can hack another one!


Horrible deal…

JK! Awesome deal! It’s refreshing to see a deal like this since lately a lot of knew people have been signing leases and then arguing why they got a good deal lol

Seems like you did your research and it really paid off. Congrats


There’s not a nicer crossover out there for $400/mo let alone 320. And make it a 10k lease and you’re prob at sub 300 payments. Nice work!


how did you get that after labor day?
super slick


It says it was signed in August and he just took delivery.


New 2018 340i (silver) to replace my ‘old’ demo 2016 340i (gray).

$56,045 MSRP
$409/mo for 36mo (incl.10.25% tax)
$2500 DAS (1st mo + Acquision + Registration + Taxes on Rebates)

The payment would have gone down to ~$399/mo had they been able to add to my existing MSDs (for whatever reason, when money to the security deposit column, the payment kept going up of all things). At any rate, rolling things over meant my MF ended up being 0.00140 versus 0.00131.

I was tempted to roll in a bunch of the drive offs into the payment but with the MF where it was I didn’t feel like paying any extra fees as it were.

Thanks to the great folks at BMW of Riverside for making this possible.


Nice deal and Congrats! The M-Sport package really makes a positive difference as illustrated in your side by side photo.


2018 Chevy Volt LT with the Comfort Package and excess wear and tear, wheel and tire, etc. 36/15k, $8300 one pay or about 230/mo zero drive off.
MSRP: 34950
Selling price: 30600
Rebates: 9252.83 (6900 lease cash, 500 loyalty, 352 GM rewards and I believe 1500 in flex cash made this possible. They told me that the college discount was being applied but I don’t think that’s the case.)
Service contract was 1451 for key replacement, wheel and tire, scratch ding, etc. Would have said no but they made the numbers work with the Flex cash.
47% Residual
00029 MF for one pay
Zip code 08619
Leasehackr score of about 12 and a half years?


Thanks again to everyone here for helping me get my second deal in a month!

2018 VW Tiguan SE
MSRP: $27930
Discount: $4226
VW Loyalty Rebate: $500
Due at Signing: $1413 (first month and fees)
$251 per month after 3% N.C. tax


Picked up a 2019 Mini Cooper Countryman S E All4 in Texas.
MSRP: $46,500
Selling Price: $42,250 (10% off)
Negative Payoff: -$700
Sales Subtotal: $42,950
Sales Tax: $2,340.63
Fees: $430
Incentives/Rebates : $5,500

Owner’s Choice (TX)
Month: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
Residual: 60%
MSD: $0
DAS: $0
Payment: $524.98
Post Sales Rebate: $4,001(Federal PHEV), $2,500(TX PHEV)
Actual Cost: $344.40 /mo (after tax rebates)

Pre EV tax rebate payment is just average for TX, but with tax rebates, not too bad for a premium PHEV.

2019 Mini Countryman S E Loaner 36/15k $450
2018 BMW xDrive40e lease - 36 months/12k miles - Need help!

$799 per month (984 with taxes and Audi care + $25 extra because tier 2 financial)

$3k due at signing (taxes fees first month)

$68,800 MSRP, selling price $61,300


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2018 Range Rover Velar P250 HSE R-Dynamic with every option for an MSRP of $78k
Includes: Heated/Cooled/Massaging Seats, Drive Pack, 360 View, Off Road pack, etc
It was a loaner they had advertised at $69k. So when I called about the car they gave me an additional $7k off or so because they thought that was the MSRP.

Final deal came down to:

MSRP: $77,480.00
Sell Price: $61,073.00
MF: .00001
RV: 50%
Term: 39/12k
Down: $2000 includes 1st and fees (No way around this sadly)
Monthly: $607/mo


wow, amazing deal & great looking car!


I’m a car guy and a lot of the good lease deal cars are boring to drive. Waited a while to get a decent lease on a VW GTI because it’s the only car I strongly considered. This is pretty “meh” compared to what we normally see here, but for a GTI it’s the best I’ve seen so I pulled the trigger:

2018 Volkswagen GTI S 6-Speed Manual
MSRP: $27,580
Sale Price: $23,224 with VW Partner Program Rebate ($500).
Total Discount: $4,356 (15.79% off)

36 months/ 10k annual
54% Residual
$748.12 Drive-Off (1st pay’mt + DMV + Doc Fee)
$273.44 + tax monthly payment
$297/ month with 8.75% Sale Tax


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<$300 for a GTI is pretty good! Car looks awesome.


Just because I can’t pass up a deal…

2018 Trailhawk grand Cherokee. Msrp 47,700

$336/mo 0 down. 36/12. 9% pa tax, tags, fees all inclusive. Conquest > loyalty. True car $500 and whatever crazy incentives Jeep uses to bring the car to a 31500 selling price…


A well below 400/mo Grand Cherokee upper trim level? That’s phenomenal. Chrysler? Ally? US Bank?


Usbank of course. They could be in a world of hurt in 2-3 years with the deals they’re offering