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Great deal. What MF is usbank charging for these deals?


Great deal, that’s reedman toll in sprigfield right?

And does it have the lux ii pack


isn’t USBank renown for being difficult with lease returns?


I don’t beat up cars. Regardless I’ll likely transfer it half way through


Funny I didn’t even ask. I usually dissect deals but didn’t even care. Once I got the true car and conquest it was a lock


Nice deal and sick ride


Thats a real good deal


I’ve posted this to my original thread but would like to share with a photo!

I’ve been in the market for 530e for a few months and finally pulled the trigger today!
Thanks for all the help from the hackers here!

2018 530e loaner wirh 2,800 miles on it.
MSRP $55,845
Selling Price $45,975
Term (Months & Miles): 36mon/10K
Residual (% and/or $ value): 61%
Money Factor: I think it’s marked up based on the calc… :frowning:
Rebates $1000 lease credit + $2000 loyalty= 3K
$0 Down, $0 Due at Signing
Monthly Payment $499 inlcuding 9.75% tax for CA County

As a loaner, I can’t apply for CA state rebate ($1,500) and BMWCCA post rebate ($1,000) but still I love the car and how it runs!

Thank you all!


Great looking car. Price is fine… good that you chose to put taxes in the mo/ payment.


Congrats!! I would love to replicate a deal like that when the time comes. Are you in the SoCal area? If so, would you mind sharing the dealer info with me?


Great deal on a great car.

2019 Corvette LT- $615!

Thanks to Amy from @tieroneleasing I got a stupid deal on an s90 t5 awd 2018 in Onyx Black.

MSRP: $57,090
Gross Cap Cost: $46,935
Adjusted Cap Cost: $41,150 (price lease was based on)
Down: $1500 + Taxes, Fees, etc - $4409 DAS, $306/mo 36mo w/ 7500mi per year.
$4285 in rebates including $500 loyalty. Volvo Corporate A-Plan used.

Here’s how it was clean and then after putting 20% tints all around and doing a chrome delete. Better pictures later.

IMG_5532 IMG_5577 IMG_5579 IMG_5580


I agree that’s a stupid deal. Congrats I guess?


LOL I’m definitely not complaining!


Does this tiguan have the moonroof?


No, it does not.


LMAO …20 characters


2019 430xi GC
MSRP: $54400
Terms: 10K/36mo
DAS: $1360
Monthly payment: $540 w/ tax
MSD: 7

Very close to 1%, I was happy with the deal since most other dealers wanted $700+/month.


@mani_is_kool hooked me up
Toyota RAV4 XLE 2018 $259 a month, 12k/36, $259 DAS.


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