Telluride over MSRP

Hello, hope everyone is having a nice week. Trying to help my mom find a nice deal on a Telluride (she pretty much has her mind set on this). I’ve been here before and got a decent deal on my optima. Anyway, I know that Telluride’s are still “new” to the market and are going above MSRP (one dealer we went in SoCal) had the SX trim for 10k over…

Just wanted to know how to go about haggling below that rediciuous mark up. Do I just act normal and say “I’d like xx% off the selling price”? Should I be aggressive in saying that there’s other cars comparable and are MUCH cheaper (like mentioning Traverse and Palisade)?? Or would they be turned off by that “aggressiveness”?


Drive over to the Hyundai dealer and get a palisade.

The Kia dealers are being ridiculous and then you have to deal with going to Kia dealers.


You’ve got to cast a net of several dealers within a distance you are willing to travel to get the car. Someone, somewhere is willing to deal, you just need to find them. Don’t go to the dealership, put out multiple requests for the selling price of the car you want before any rebates and incentives, and see what you get back.

Yah, that’s what I did on my Optima ElectricEliminator and it worked just fine. In fact, I got the closest Kia dealership to me able to honor the deal and even pay off my payments on my other lease.

Just wondering how aggressive to be… don’t want to be “that buyer” and push everyone away. But I guess if I am assertive and stand my ground then they’ll know.

My mom doesn’t want that and unfortunately only wants the telluride -.-

If she is not in a hurry you can wait. When Kia realizes that their telluride is not selling as they want then they won’t have any other choice but to lower their price.

Well, her lease is up mid September. She said she doesn’t mind renting a car in the mean time, but I’m sure waiting a month or even until October won’t help much but who knows.

It’s not about being aggressive. The market is driven by supply and demand. The dealer won’t care you can get other cars for less when they know they can get over MSRP for their Telluride.

I imagine with the palisade now on the market, they’re going to have to adjust their strategies

From other threads I’d push for somewhere between 4% (looks to be invoice) and 7% off MSRP. You can use this thread as reference or reach out to the broker in SoCal and see if the deal they are offering is still good, or at least similar.

That’s true… I was also considering saving the VIN’s of cars from various Kia dealerships and tracking if they’re still on the lot (also putting down how many SX they have). Then, perhaps I can use that as fire power to say “hey, these aren’t moving in your lot, so asking for 5k or 10k over MSRP isn’t working”. Obviously I’d word it a lot nicer though lol

what the hell is a telluride and why is it selling above msrp?


Just use Cargurus for that and target the ones that have been sitting the longest, but from what I’ve briefly seen it doesn’t look like these are sitting particularly long at the moment, using zip code 90210 because I’m an idiot.

New Kia SUV

You should know man, ur a broker :stuck_out_tongue: . but seriously, the review videos for the vehicle have been awesome. Only issue is the badge in the US.

if you are in so cal, i can get you to a dealer who can do msrp and give you incentives on lease as well

that are 1300 for 36 mo
and 2300 for 24 mo

i am taking about a dealer in LA/OC area

That’s not the only issue. The dealership experience sucks and you run the risk of a Forte or Rio loaner should you need to take it in. Pass.


Biggest problem right now seems to be supply and demand. Not sure where OP is, but there are only ~50 Tellurides in the entire Chicagoland area. Want a Pallisade? 140 to choose from. Want an Atlas? Pick and choose from ~1000…

tell u no ride… when a dealer adds “adjusted market value” there is no haggling with them, just leave and never go back. Look for other dealers who don’t mark up their hamster transporters.


Like every other dealer since the incentives are from the captive?