Lease the 2020 Kia Telluride AWD Suv SX trim MSRP OF $45,535 for $434.67 plus tax - DAS $3500 (Southern California)

Hi Folks,

Lease the 2020 Kia Telluride AWD Suv SX MSRP OF $45,535 for $434.67 plus tax - DAS $3500

MF: 0.00200
Residual value after lease: $27,776.35
Term: 36 Months
Mileage Allowance: 10,000
out of pocket: $3500
tax rate: 9.50
Monthly Payment: $434.67 plus tax

As always please don’t hesitate to reach out via dm, email, or phone if any questions come to mind. You can reach me at and my direct line at 818-452-5661

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Can you give a breakdown of the out of pocket costs? This is a lot to put down. Everyone on this site frowns on putting any money down.


Obviously, I don’t know what the doc fee is. But my best guess is about ~$1500-$2000 down:

Doc fee is $85.

It can change depending on the dealer, since it’s not set by the manufacturer. I’ve seen doc fees of $500 posted here before, meanwhile I didn’t have one for my current car (or it was masked as something else).

Doc fees are capped at $85 in CA.


What @Jon said. There is no variability in CA for doc fees.

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Wow the one thing that is less expensive in California…:rofl::joy:

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do you have the numbers for FWD?
in EX and S trim?

Hi Friend,

This vehicle has a $5000 to $10,000 markup currrently. I would pass on it for now, and go with something else like the hyundai palisades.


Agree it’s been out for a bit and they are still trying to bend people over… The one thing I have seen about Kia is a year dump fest, more so for the SX and SXL models, some states get huge rebates and other kick backs so look for that