SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers



New link for December is Ready
Send Me a PM Or Call/Text/Email me for a Private link.
No pressure deals.

Here is my info
Cody Carter
714/397/4829 cell or text ok.
Do Not Contact Dealership Direct as you will not get the link or the special treatment.

TFS Leases
Pricing based on 720+ credit scores
12K/yr is the minimum miles
Toyota Allows up to 9 MSD (No you can’t use on .00001)
College Grad $750 available
Active Military $500 available
No Conquest Rebates with Toyota

Pricing in the list is rock bottom
No out of state deals
All pricing in link is before tax
I DO NOT work with Brokers. (Too many have been trying to get paid on top of my link pricing)

Looking for a good lease in SoCal pulling the trigger tomorrow!
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These are great! Thank you for this, I’m actually looking into leasing a Toyota or Honda in March when I turn back in my Chrysler 200.

Do you think these deals will be good in March, if not - would you be OK if I reached out to you?

I was unemployed for 5 months last year - found a great job again (after a bad career move) so I am trying to get into a good no cost at signing lease that will help my budget.


I would imagine I could do something similar when the time comes. Definitely keep me in mind when you get ready.


Definitely will!! Thanks Cody!


How much for an FRS and iM? :slight_smile:


What kind of numbers for a RAV-4 XLE or Limited with AWD/4WD?


Hi Cody,

What do the numbers look like for all trims of the AWD Hybrid, 15k per year?



Any incentives, special interest or anything on 4Runners?


I wish… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a special MF in 7 years on 4Runner. Occasionally TFS will offer 2.9% for 60 months.


I wish… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a special MF in 7 years on 4Runner. Occasionally TFS will offer 2.9% for 60 months.


Thanks for the quick reply - i guess when something sells well there is no need to discount it.


These numbers look great :slight_smile: does hybrid have different residuals than regular ones?


Can I get the numbers for 2018 Highlander SE? How much are extra miles? If I choose 15k/36 months is it cheaper to pay now or same as later?


Hi @Cody_Carter,
I’m interested in looking at numbers on the Highlander XLE or the Tacoma TRD sport. Thanks!


How about for a Tacoma off road, 24/12, 4x4, double cab, 5 foot bed? Thanks in advance.


Residuals will differ for the gas model


Thanks so much Cody!


Any deals on the Corolla SE ? @Cody_Carter


these are great prices !


Not a bad deal wish the residual was in the high 60s.
I remember I leased a 2015 Corolla S that had residuals in the 70s