SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers

Send Me a PM Or Call/Text/Email me for a Private link (New Link Monthly)
Do Not Contact Dealership Direct as you will not get the link or the special pricing.
Pricing on the list is ROCK BOTTOM
No out of state deals Sorry :frowning:
All pricing in link is PLUS tax

Here is my info:
Cody Carter
714/397/4829 cell or text ok.

Mileage options available (varies per model) 7.5K,10K,12K,15K,20K

Pricing based on 720+ (Tier1+) credit scores
12K/yr is the minimum miles
Toyota Allows up to 9 MSD .00008 Reduction PER MSD (No you can’t use on .00001)
College Grad $500 available
Active Military $500 available
No Conquest Rebates with Toyota

Current Lease to Lease Rebates:
Avalon to Avalon $2,000
Prius to Prius $1,000
Prius Prime to Prius Prime $1,000
Rav4 Gas to Rav4 Gas $1,000
Rav4 Hybrid to Rav4 Hybrid $1,000
Highlander to Highlander $1,000




These are great! Thank you for this, I’m actually looking into leasing a Toyota or Honda in March when I turn back in my Chrysler 200.

Do you think these deals will be good in March, if not - would you be OK if I reached out to you?

I was unemployed for 5 months last year - found a great job again (after a bad career move) so I am trying to get into a good no cost at signing lease that will help my budget.

I would imagine I could do something similar when the time comes. Definitely keep me in mind when you get ready.

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Definitely will!! Thanks Cody!

How much for an FRS and iM? :slight_smile:

What kind of numbers for a RAV-4 XLE or Limited with AWD/4WD?

Hi Cody,

What do the numbers look like for all trims of the AWD Hybrid, 15k per year?


Any incentives, special interest or anything on 4Runners?

I wish… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a special MF in 7 years on 4Runner. Occasionally TFS will offer 2.9% for 60 months.

I wish… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a special MF in 7 years on 4Runner. Occasionally TFS will offer 2.9% for 60 months.

Thanks for the quick reply - i guess when something sells well there is no need to discount it.

These numbers look great :slight_smile: does hybrid have different residuals than regular ones?

Can I get the numbers for 2018 Highlander SE? How much are extra miles? If I choose 15k/36 months is it cheaper to pay now or same as later?

Hi @Cody_Carter,
I’m interested in looking at numbers on the Highlander XLE or the Tacoma TRD sport. Thanks!

How about for a Tacoma off road, 24/12, 4x4, double cab, 5 foot bed? Thanks in advance.

Residuals will differ for the gas model

Thanks so much Cody!

Any deals on the Corolla SE ? @Cody_Carter

these are great prices !

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Not a bad deal wish the residual was in the high 60s.
I remember I leased a 2015 Corolla S that had residuals in the 70s