Socal Honda Deals (September)

Honda deals for September below. $0 Broker Fee. Based on excellent credit. Purchase options also available.

If you don’t see the vehicle below you can PM or Call/text for a custom quote

Pricing subject to change drastically at any moment due to supply/chip shortage*

Call/text 310-405-3507 for all inquiries

Jeff Roney
Beach Cities Auto Brokers


got any hybrids?

Sure, which one are you interested in?

I am looking for buying Clarity.

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Can you, please, provide the same info for Honda Civic Sport (AT).

2019s running low. Added HR-V and Accord to the top

Any deals on Honda Pilots 2019/2020 ex?

PM’d you the Pilot quote

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Thank you my good sir.

any deals on the hatchback civic?

Which version of the Hatchback Civic?

Every deal possible, please!

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Posted this in the wanted thread a couple of days ago:

Good evening hackrs/dealers/brokers

In the market for a Honda Accord EX-L

19yr/20yr is fine
24m/36m is fine
15k/20k miles

Preferably white exterior / black interior

zip code: 90071

Need to lease before the end of the year

Open to something comparable if there’s a really good deal out there

Thanks for your time :+1:

24 month wouldnt be a good lease. Do you want a 36 month term with 15k annual miles?

That would be fine

What deal can you do on the CRV? 36/12k DAS: only 1st month & license fees. Top Credit Tier

Which version of the CR-V?

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It’s just a run around car for my high school daughter. So looking for the best (cheapest) deal.

do you still have Honda Pilots?

2019s are extremely limited. I have plenty of 2020s

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