LEASE CHECK - 2019 Civic LX 36/12

Hello, new to the forum and thinking of pulling the trigger on this deal today. I was hoping to get some quick advice if this is a decent deal or not.

I used the calculator and got a score of 8.5 years.

I was also wondering if there is a way to figure out what the cost would be to buy the car at the end of the 3-year lease.


You’re effectively around $220

Shop around more while stipulating first payment only DAS, not this ridiculous $4,000

So if I understand you correctly, you are saying to try and find a $0 down option which ends up being less than $220 a month instead of paying the $4000 upfront for the current deal?

With 8% Tax included that deal is not bad as its effective $219 bucks. Why would you put $4k due at signing on a lease though ? Ask them to spread that across the 36 months.

Ok I will ask to spread that across the 36 months. I called another Honda dealership and shared this offer with them, and told them I would be happy to bring them my business if they can get the effective payment to less than $200 a month.

Unless you’re wedded to the Civic I’d also check out the Elantra value pack which has more features for similar or less money

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By the way, thank you so much for your quick responses.

Here is the Elantra deal I found near me. What turned me off is that it seemed the small print indicated I would need to put down $7K+

Also just for my education, why do you think it is better to spread out the $4000 across the 36 months?

Don’t even reference that ad. Offer a bunch of dealers $190 incl tax with just first month DAS and see who comes closest

When you said Elantra Value Pack, did you mean the Elantra Value Edition? Similar to this one?


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I just signed a deal for a 2020 Civic EX which is $265 including 8.25% tax with about $730 down to cover first months payments, lic, reg, and so on, I’m pretty sure you can do better

Even look at this thread,

This is an easier way to go without any negotiations