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Hey everyone, my name is Jeff or on Leasehackr you will see my name as @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto. I’ve been selling cars for 6 years and do bottom line leases or purchases for all non-luxury brands in all of California (No other states right now). No Broker fee on most advertised deals, if there is a broker fee involved I will mention it in the first quotation.

Best way to reach me is on my cell phone 310-405-3507 (Call/text), I work everyday and respond to inquiries from about 10am-10pm. I also check my PM’s on Leasehackr often so you can reach me that way too.

To save time and make it easier overall please provide the answers to these questions on first contact:

  1. What’s your zip code?

  2. What Model/Trim/Year do you want?

  3. What packages do you want? (If applicable)

  4. What colors are you open to?

  5. How many miles a year? (5k, 7.5k, 10k, 12k, 15k)

  6. How much due at signing?

  7. Credit Score?

  8. What cars do you have in the household? (If applicable)

Due to new cars having different incentives every month please do not ask for numbers unless you are buying in the same month, I don’t mind talking briefly to help you narrow it down if you are still early in the buying process.

Dealer License#95227

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cool thanks!

Just an FYI, i used Jeff about a week ago on a Honda Pilot EX-L. The process was crazy simple, took less than 5 minutes total (with most of it Jeff asking about ways to qualify me for incentives) and had the car delivered to my door in 2 days. I didn’t qualify for any conquest or loyalty, so the cost wasn’t as low as some of the deals on here, but it did exceed my expectations.


Thanks for the kind words Randy, Enjoy your new Pilot!

Review: got a lovely Honda Civic Coupe EX from Jeff yesterday. I had the car within 24 hours of emailing him to ask for a quote. He got me a great price and the process was easy and completely transparent. Jeff is a great guy, when I went to pick up the car and sign the all the paperwork he met me at the dealer and stayed there the entire time until I was ready to drive off which I thought was really amazing. Also, Jeff’s Honda dealer was incredibly professional so that was really nice too. Thank you Jeff!


Thanks for the kind words Sharon, it was a pleasure working with you!

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I signed and picked up a 2020 Honda Pilot EX-L lease through Jeff and it was really convenient. I don’t think I could have gotten a better deal without him.

I let him know what I was looking for and he texted me back the financial details very quickly. Once I was ready to commit, I filled out a credit app and scanned/emailed it back to him. Once the dealer had everything ready, he let me know where the dealership was and who to contact. When I got to the dealer, the finance papers were all set and the sales manager reviewed everything very carefully to show it was everything I was promised.

Also, in the beginning of all this, I had the option of having the car delivered or I could save a few bucks per month if I drove and got it myself. I think it was very convenient to have that choice.

I already have Jeff scoping out a purchase deal for me my dad.


I actually didn’t end up getting a car from Jeff just because I decided against a Jeep, but he is the man. Very helpful and friendly from the minute I texted him. I was flip flopping all over the place with my car choice, and he was patient and worked with me throughout all of it. His deals were also the best I could find. I will definitely be going to Jeff for future leases would recommend him to anyone for the brands he covers. Great guy.


Review: I just signed a great lease on a Nissan Leaf EV with Jeff’s help. Jeff was always very prompt in responding to any questions I had. Jeff was very knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and even helped to deliver the car to me directly. The paper work took maybe 5-10 minutes in my garage and I couldn’t believe how easy and comfortable he made the process.

I will certainly be recommending Jeff/Beach Cities Auto to everyone I know!

Thanks again Jeff!

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Got a Toyota 4Runner from Jeff a couple weeks ago. First time ever doing a lease and all things considered, I was still expecting something other than a beautifully lease hacked deal once I walked through the door of the dealership and I was surprised yet again. I got the beautifully lease hacked deal and an experience at a dealership that could only be imagined. Jeff was awesome, his dealer was awesome, their staff was awesome. They had everything prepared and the whole process was fairly quick. The manager at the dealership even caught an error in the numbers I missed and corrected it fast. Hows that for honest and reputable! Not many options on leasehackr if you live on the west coast but not in California. I was going to go with another broker on here with great deals but after I factored in the broker fee on that broker (Jeff didnt have one) and the difference in transport and did the hard math, Jeff was the best choice. Glad he was! I don’t doubt that he works until 10pm because he called me at 8:30pm one night to get some last minute info needed to close the deal. Did I mention that he was able to meet me at the dealer and was even willing to go over any features of the car if I had questions? Work with Jeff, you won’t be disappointed!

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Got our 20201 Honda Pilot SE through Jeff. He is great to work with always responsive. He answered every question we had. This was the most stressless car buying experience ever! Thank you so much Jeff!

Got a 2021 Jeep Gladiator from Jeff.

Inventory was low for the color I got but he managed to find me one. He worked with the dealer to get me the best deal.

Very prompt to reply and courteous.

Highly recommend Jeff!!!

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I just wanted to add another great review for Jeff:

Jeff worked out an amazing deal for a purchase of a 2020 Honda Clarity for me. I’ve never used an auto broker before, but really the process could not have been any smoother. In fact, the process was so smooth I was getting concerned that it was just too easy and something had to pop up. But, no. It really is just a matter of contacting Jeff, telling him what you want, and he responds with a price. That is it. You give him the green light and he takes care of everything and I mean everything. He had the car delivered to my office and I completed all of the paperwork in under 10 minutes in my conference room. No dealer BS, no upsell, just the car you want at a great price and on your terms.

Thanks again!


Process with Jeff was crazy simple. I rented a Honda Odyssey EX-L from Jeff after initially reaching out to him a week prior. He asked about what I was looking for and even helped decide between buy vs. lease as I was on the fence. Gave me all the options and out the door pricing after figured out what incentives I qualified for. I also reached out to various dealers around the area and while some of the sales pricing was close, almost everyone wanted me to go in-person which I did not want to do.

After I gave him the green light to go ahead, I received the credit application online and the vehicle was dropped off at my house the same night. From when I gave the green light to delivery was 4 hours. Great service and would use Jeff again.

After talking to dealers all week Jeff was a treat to work with. He’s very knowledgeable while responding quickly and candidly. And he’ll let you know exactly which makes and trims are eligible for the most aggressive pricing. All with no rush or pressure! I highly recommend reaching out if you hit a dead end or simply don’t have the patience to haggle with your local dealer

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I posted this in another thread, but wanted to echo other comments here about my experience with Jeff. It was a great process - easily the fastest and least stressful way I’ve ever purchase a vehicle. He helped find a hard to find and in-demand vehicle that met my desired specs and got me great pricing. Great experience. Highly recommend.

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Repeat customer here. Jeff personally delivered a Highlander to me recently. You can’t beat the level of service and professionalism he provides. He is quick to answer questions, gives great advice, and is never pushy. Thanks again, we will be back.

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Just wanted to give another shout out to Jeff, even though I didn’t buy through him because he didn’t have a Highlander in the color I wanted. Jeff was great throughout the process, very responsive and transparent, and tried twice to track down exactly what I was looking for. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to work with him again on my next lease.

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Highly recommend working with Jeff! Called him last night with an offer I had from a local dealer and he immediately came in significantly lower, despite me having to roll some negative equity over. Ended up with a great deal and was able to get everything finalized really quickly. He was so helpful, patient and responsive — drove my new Prius Prime home tonight and couldn’t be happier! Thank you!


Highly recommend Jeff.
Contacted him for a quote on a Prius Prime lease. He replied with a quote in a couple of hours. Sent him all relevant info and he met me at the dealership the next day. Paperwork was ready to go and transaction was seamless on a smoking hot lease deal.
Thanks Jeff!

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