Deal check: Honda CR-V 2020 EX/EXL AWD California-94704


I am wondering what you guys think about the following deals I have received.

Monthly payment: $338 + tax = $369 (tax rate is 9.25% in 94704.)
36 month, 12K miles per year
down payment = $1000 (including DMV fee etc)
MSRP: 30,280
sales price: 28,454
residual value: 62%

Here is a link to the calculator.

I have also a few other options:
same vehicle: 10K miles -> $330 plus tax
EX-L trim: 10K miles -> $348 plus taxes (MSRP: $32,770)
and I can get 12K miles for an extra $8 per month

Is this a good deal? considering it is 2020 model.
How about the EX-L model?

Thank you for your help.

Any advice on this guys?

It looks like they are selling it around invoice. Do you qualify for the loyalty or conquest programs?

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Do you need the AWD in California? 2WD might be the way to go if you don’t, as long as the leasing #'s aren’t drastically different.

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I am not eligible for them…

I will move next year to another state with lots of snow…
That’s why I am getting the AWD.


It looks like CR-Vs must not lease that well, but going off of what some SoCal brokers are offering here (Socal Honda Deals (November)) the deal looks ok. In any case, are you set on only getting a CR-V, or would you consider other options? For that monthly and same 1k DAS, you can get into a $43k AWD 2021 Highlander Hybrid or a $45k AWD V6 Highlander. You can get a Chevy Blazer 3LT MSRP $40k for $0 DAS and $350/month, taxes in. Other SUVs like an Acura MDX, Lexus UX/NX, MB GLA/GLB are not too far off either. If you are open to other small SUVs, I’d shop around and compare lease deals. There are definitely plenty of lease deals that offer more SUV for the money (ie, MSRP to lease deal). Just a suggestion…

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CRVs don’t have any significant programs/savings right now so you’re probably going to have to do a lot of legwork and be realistic with the final numbers. CRVs always end up selling. Pilots traditionally have a lot more programs.

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