So this happened.. So-Cal Commerce Mitsubishi



So today (12/31/2018 12:15 p.m.) I Called the Commerce Mitsubishi in SoCal to inquire about the Outlander PHEV since their website says call for price on each PHEV model
A very loud guy picked up the phone.When I asked to be connected to Internet sales he said he was the guy.
Next conversation went like this…
Me: Hey this is …I am calling to see if you have any Outlander plugin in stock ?
Dealer: Yes we have four
Me:Great…do you have any lease deals going on for today ?
Dealer: You see we are the only dealer in CA who has 4 Plugins in stock so we are selling them 10,000 above MSRP.
Me: Sorry …I didn’t get that
Dealer: I can sell it 5000 above MSRP if you come in today …thats MSRP of 40,000 on SEL and 46,000 on the GT
Me: I am confused…why are you selling Outlanders above MSRP? I don’t get the deal? What is the down payment and monthly deal?
Dealer: We have the only four plugins in stock in entire western USA… 5800 down and 680 a month
Me: Ok thank you
Dealer: You want to get this deal?
Me: Nooo…thanks !

I have friends at home visiting from Nor Cal and we were laughing for the next 15 mins on how this conversation went.

I am thinking they are trying to get out of the US market with this arrogance or they simply have their heads up their own to notice how crappy they are!

Anyone else with a similar experience?

2018 Outlander PHEV SEL in Dallas - $319 Down, $309 a month ($239 after $2,500 EV Rebate)
Worst leases you've seen

Pretty outrageous but hey, this is a free market economy… I am sure people are lining up to buy the “only four plug in outlanders in the western us” ( sarcasm).


The only reason Mitsubishi exists is to make CJDR dealers look classy.


The problem with saying blatant lies nowadays it’s that it’s so easy to find out the truth. Cerritos Mitsubishi a few miles away only has… 30 of them in stock. You can even find out the exact inventory at Commerce Mitsubishi if you wanted to.


Well there is no way to know for this dealership…it says call for details.


You can find it on the Mitsubishi website.


Wow, wow, wow.

Suppose his attitude won’t hurt sales, though, since I doubt they were selling any to begin w/…


This is the weirdest thing dealers do in the Google age. I had the same thing happen to me when buying my Accord. It should be clear to any salesman pretty quick if a buyer knows how to use the internet (dude, I gave you a stock number, you think I got that somewhere else than your website) Eventually I ended up bluntly telling one salesman they were lying to me. He shut up and passed the phone to his manager (negotiated over phone). Manager apologized for salesman lie in a way that told me he had directed the salesman to tell me what he did and I ended up buying the car from them.


That specific sales person may have just been trying to get a “pounder” deal. Obviously it won’t work most of the time and it’s pretty funny. Leasehackrs should have a dedicated phone at the dealers to skip this kind of price gauging.


Mitsubishi is in no position to ask for anything above MSRP. Or have the dealers forgotten about their abysmal sales over the past 20 years?


Sounds like they were trying to rip you off. Every dealership I have spoken to wants me to come in right now to get the vehicle they are selling, it’s a buyers market, take your time finding the best deal you can.


Pretty surprising that they think they have such a hot product. I met somebody who bought one around West Covina. He got a great deal, and they paid him way more than his trade was worth to get him to close.


This is how calls usually go for Type-Rs at my dealership. I didn’t think anything Mitsubishi sold over MSRP though.


Mitsubishi is still around? :grin:


Right? Could you imagine paying close to $850 a month for a friggen mitsu?


I couldn’t imagine paying 50/mo for a Mitsubishi


Rented a Eclipse Cross in Europe. It was not too bad for a couple days.


I emailed a Jeep dealership in jersey today for a quote and they said they do not, under any circumstances, provide quotes in emails/in writing or over the phone. It made me think of this thread, I’ve never heard of a dealership refusing to give a quote unless you go in there.


If Tesla is not selling above MSRP and cutting price by 2k, why would a pedestrian Mitsu PHEV sell for more?


How are they eating at the end of the month? These families must be starving.