So this happened.. So-Cal Commerce Mitsubishi



My Mitsubishi dealer along with OP in Irving TX helped me get a great deal on MY18 PHEV outlander. I ended up 12k miles for $349.73 after federal tax rebate and dealer discount to.

It was a demo with 4800 miles on it. It’s leased through ally bank and for Californians if you have this car you get to ride the HOV lane free. $595 lease transfer fee so I can exit anytime I want anyone interest in my ruby red PHEV ? DM me or help me how to do this on leasehackr platform. Shout out to Ryan L the OP!

Cheers !
K raja


OP is me! Probably you meant to post on another thread.
Btw 349 is high for a demo with 4800 miles (Mitsubishis depreciate hard,car is already 6-7k$ depreciated on the lot…also it is 2018 and we are already in Feb 2019)


Was it paramus?


No it was DeCozen, I feel like I have gotten quotes from Paramus before. I’ve never seen a dealership flat out refuse to quote over email and phone but maybe that’s a normal in certain places.


Paramus has refused me quotes before.


That doesn’t look like a good deal…


Thats why paramus is closed


not mitsubishi, jeep


I didn’t know there was a Mitsubishi, jeep and I’m from the area…lol I know the Mitsubishi dealer on rt 17 closed down.


Route 1 CJDR in the Princeton/Lawrenceville area has done that to me repeatedly over the years.


I feel like that’s the best way to lose a sale