Signed: 2020 V60CC Loaner MSRP $51.6K $311/Mo 12k/36Mo First Month DAS

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Volvo V60 CC T5 AWD W/ Advanced Pack, 3,000 miles Loaner
MSRP: $51,600
Monthly Payment: $311
Drive-Off Amount: $311
Months: 36
Annual Mileage:12,000
Residual 53% less 3,000 miles (51.18%)
Incentives: $4,750 lease cash, $1,000 Dealer Cash, $2,000 Costco, $500 Loyalty, sales tax credit.
Region: TX
Leasehackr Score: 14+
Leasehackr Calculator Link: Link
Fudged the numbers slightly to reflect the correct monthly.

Surprisingly easy negotiation. Salesman originally said no sales tax credit available but GM stepped in right away with pretty much bottom pricing. Sales tax credit made it a totally different game. The actual tax rate is 1.2%. No MSDs were allowed, pretty sure that’s some BS but don’t really want to make a scene. It’s about $18/mo. MF is base.

Was quoted for all 3 CCs he had but right before I pulled the trigger on a brand new one with Adv and Pro Pack, someone bought it out right. Prior, the cars had been on the dealership for over 200 days, what are the odds… Anyways wife is happy with only Adv so we pulled the trigger.

Trunk space is absolutely amazing, went picking up some furnitures right after taking delivery (so can I factor the savings of $60 delivery fee into my monthly?). Dude warned me that many people were confident about their SUVs’ sizes but ended up stranding. The wheel wells of the V60 barely eat any spaces and that proves to be golden!

For this deal, it probably can’t be replicated. There’s no loaner in this spec nor will they get any V60 CC any time soon ( all of them have been on lot for more than 100 days). However I believe the dealer still has another one with Adv and Pro pack. MSRP at $54k, with sales tax credit Costco and Loyalty, it should be around $370/mo for 12k, PM me if you’d like to hook up. Sales tax credit runs out pretty quick, so there’s no guarantee.

Thanks again LH, especially Ursus, much appreciated! Y’all stay safe and drive some wagons!


Battle wagon! Great deal, especially for TX!

Thanks! All the things aligns for June, pretty happy about the end result.
Wish there’s a T6 regular V60 available in Texas or Even a P*, that would be sick

Let us know if bonusdrive works out for you. It isn’t supposed to apply to loaners, but I have seen some people get their checks anyway.


@FuzzyIBJ just in case if You are not familiar with this rebate. See below.


Without first responder? Wow. What was pre-incentive discount? For some reason, the calc link isn’t clickable for me.

Congratulations! Really good deal and the Amber interior is a great choice. Enjoy the car!

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Congrats! You have exactly the same set of incentives as I do, but I can’t do anything with them :slightly_smiling_face:
Tax credits help big time, also. You could only do 5 MSDs and MF is low, anyway.
Post pics in Trophy Garage

Thank you for the link. I never read the terms shame on me haha

Thanks for pointing it out, Ivmay give it a try anyways and let you guys know

No harm in trying

Hey there is the man! Thank you for the help! Incentives are very nice this month, do something with it lol!
We started negotiating deals based on 5 MSDs but the dealer’s system had some technical issues and never was able to generate the deal based on MSDs. I guess they were just tired of it and told me I can’t put down any.

Congrats on an amazing deal! Can you explain what the sales tax credit is (I hadn’t heard this term before - is it specific to TX?) … and how it affects the monthly payment? Thanks!

I don’t have 1st responder, also I’m not sure if it’s still available as an incentive in Texas, doesn’t seem to see it anymore in the Volvo’s payment calculator but I could totally be wrong.

The discount should be around 16.4% although the deal sheet shows around 14%

It may exists in VA but IDK, there are only these 2 states charges tax on cap cost now if my memory serves right.

It probably is the best color if not going for the brown nappa leather one. The one I wanted was Pine Grey on Amber, best color combo for a wagon IMO

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No, it’s only TX thing. MD also charges tax on full sales price, I think there are some other states that do it.

yes, that would be my first choice also lol

I know Georgia finally rectified it last year, never know MD does this as well. Interesting this is only offered in TX, is it the case for other manufacturers as well? Guess living in a big competitive market does pay off sometimes…

That is like the color made for wagons… I think on V90 there’s also a Maple Metallic which is kinda brownish. I hold the belief that Volvo did it for the circlejerk intentionally lol, “we do make a brown wagon in 2020, put your money where your mouth is”. Now it just needs to be diesel and manual.

Great deal, love Volvo wagons!

Grey on amber is so aesthetic. White on amber was nice too, imho.

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