Signed - 2020 Range Rover Evoque SE DEMO: 39/10k - $400 + tax, $1300 DAS MSRP $57,924 SoCal

2020 Range Rover Evoque SE Demo
MSRP: $57,924
Sale price: $49,225 (15% off)
Monthly Payment: $400 + tax ($435)
Drive-Off Amount: $1300
39 months
10,000 mi/yr
MF: .00009
Residual: 59%
Region: SoCal
Leasehackr Score: 11.5 years

It’s a demo, so I’m guessing they adjusted the residual to be lower than 59%, as 59% is for a new vehicle. Nearly every dealer in California marks up the MF, and I never saw the final lease sheet, so can’t say for sure if they put it down as .00009 MF. If they did higher, that means I got a bigger discount off MSRP.

I pretty much contacted every dealership in CA looking for demo units. You can usually look these up on LR USA site, by looking at certified pre-owned 2020 Evoques. Most of these will be expired loaners/demo units.

I’m not going to share which dealer this was, however I will say that SF, Livermore and Pasadena all had fairly good deals.

Livermore has a silver $48k Evoque S that was offered for $332+tax, $1300 DAS, 39/10k
SF has a pearl silver $56k Evoque SE that was offered for $382+tax, $1289 DAS, 39/10k

Bot excellent deals, and I think there was room to get them even lower. In the end, we got the car we wanted, even if it was a little more expensive than those two.


You didn’t sign a contract and get a copy of said contract?

Oh yeah, good point. However I don’t see a MF or APR anywhere in it. It does have the sale price, $47,351.99 and residual… so I can calculate the MF later and post.

what are the demo rules for land rover? same as bmw demos?

under 5k miles? are 2020, 2019 eligible?

I’m not sure what the rules are. I’m pretty sure they have to have less than 6000 miles. Pretty much every CPO 2020 Evoque that showed up on LR USA’s search tool, in California, was a demo (except one). So that’s the easiest way to find them.

I don’t believe you can lease any 2019 Jaguar or LRs.

2019s do not have lease support except through USBANK, @ethanrs said so last month, may have changed.

Ours was through LR financial, which is Chase. The Ftype we turned in (thanks LeaseHackr) was USBank… Which unfortunately meant we weren’t eligible for the two months free promotion LR is doing. If you’re coming off another Jaguar or LR lease, that makes it even better.

Here are Chase’s lease numbers and incentives for May. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get even better as we get deeper into summer, but who knows how things will go in this climate.

These are for 36mo/10k miles and 39mo/10k miles. If you are going for the s, I believe 36 months has slightly lower monthlies. For the SE, 39 months is cheaper.

.00002 MF and 61% residual
.00009 MF and 59% residual

.00001 MF and 60% residual
.00009 MF and 59% residual
$675 dealer lease cash

“Signed” means we have the car.

People have different opinions on cars. If you like a Buick Enclave more, then great for you, go that route. I personally hate the looks of the Enclave, and would never go that route.

Show me a bad review, and I’ll show you a good one. Same can be said about any car… in the end, pick what car speaks to you. This car is for my wife, and she likes something fairly luxurious, that isn’t the same x3 or q5 that everyone has. We love the looks, it drives fine, and tech is great (relatively speaking).

That said, we both thought the Evoque S was too basic. Stepping to the SE felt much more luxurious with much better tech.

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I had an evoque for years and other than being small (mine was a 2 door, so even more so, but I knew that going in), it was fantastic.

May be a question as to how it was equipped. Mine was a Dynamic trim with the magnetic suspension. Drove amazingly well for its size. Could have used a bit more hp, but that’s the only complain I had.

I like how you responded :slight_smile: You sounded pretty calm.

Literally spending all day today looking for a deal like this. Dealing with Newport Beach, they won’t budge at all on price.

A day isn’t much. I was bouncing back and forth between dealers for two weeks… And honestly that’s not even that long. Certainly takes perseverance.

Does Newport Beach even have any demos? I’m not seeing any on the website. Have you looked at the pearl silver one in SF?

2019? Evoque is all new for 2020.

I definitely wouldn’t describe the ride as clumsy. Though my daily driver is a Raptor… So certainly tighter than that.

I like the tight seats, but obviously that is VERY subjective. My business partner has a Tesla X that had crazy tight seats. Again, I like it, but could see it being terrible for others, especially larger body types.

The engine is nothing special, especially considering she’s coming from an Ftype… But honestly, it’s not much different than anything else in it’s class, and she doesn’t really care.

Different strokes…

Congrats! This is such a great deal! How do you get the monthly payment so low? I can talk them to lower the sales price, but when they give me the lease offer, the monthly payment will be like $500+

Not everyone will be willing to deal. Try to get them to 15-20% MSRP and then go from there. If the number seams high, ask to see the lease sheet. It’ll show the MF and the residual and you can compare that to the bank rate I posted.

At the dealership I got mine, the internet salesman wasn’t willing to go that low. I wrote the general manager directly, told him I was about to purchase another one elsewhere (which was true) and asked if he could come down to the lowest offer I had. He was willing.

I’d start with some of the places I mentioned. Get a quote from them, and then take it to other dealerships and ask them if they can beat it. Play dealer’s offers off each other and you should be able to inch lower and lower.


I am wondering the same thing.

What are you wondering?

How to calculate a lease payment, apparently. You did a good job trying to teach them how to fish. Unfortunately there are many who will continue to just blindly monthly payment shop no matter what anyone says.


15% pre-incentive at buy rate on a loaner