SIGNED 2020 Bolt LT - $5402 one pay, $402 after NJ rebate and GM points

How do you get the $1500 conquest incentive?

Tesla lease hacks used to be possible. Much harder nowt hat they apply residual to selling price as opposed to MSRP.

So if you get a $1k discount and residual is 50%, you’re only saving $500 on the lease.

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You must have an existing lease in the household. Any brand. GM leases get loyalty instead for the same amount.

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I respect your thoughts… and partially agree.
If people don’t buy a few cars at MSRP, dealership won’t be able to do some crazy deals.

Range of 3 to 12% on Bolt dealership discount may be too wide. I closed my bolt at around 7 to 8 percent discount and dealership was very happy to replicate…
So we ended up getting 4 bolts in my friends and family circle. Win - win for everyone.

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Hi Baggy,
I got the deal from same dealer.
I had to pay for 9218. I did not had lease at my home but qualified for supplier discount. He gave 6% dealer discount, i think it is less than what he gave you, i shld have tried to negotiate. But i am still happy.

Thank you so much.
How you guys charge your car?
Do you bought level 2 charger?


Hey congratulations @Chirag_Chheda… happy for you!!
I’m using the regular charger that the car came with… so far so good.

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You need to register as a dealer @JessAtCapitolChevySJ


Is this replicable in NY bar the 5k NJ rebate? My understanding is NY is 2k rebate. Do the rest of the incentives work regardless of where you’re based?

E.g. 3k Costco, 1k conquest, etc?

I’m also seeing $8500 customer cash in my area - would this apply to leases?

So effectively i should be looking for up to / around 10% off MSRP before any incentives from the dealer, then subtract Costco, 1500 loyalty or conquest, and the 8500 additional incentive?

You don’t get the full customer incentive. On a lease you get $6750 in lease cash on the Premier, and $5,750 on the LT instead of the purchase incentive. So you would get the following in NY:

Whatever dealer discount you negotiate
$6,750/$5,750 in lease cash depending on trim
$3,000 Costco if you are a member
$2,000 Drive Clean NY rebate applied at point of sale
$1,500 for loyalty or conquest if you have a lease in the household

You can get a good deal, but it is not quite as strong in NY because the NY rebate is $3,000 less and you pay sales tax on electric vehicles in NY. I don’t know if the NY market has changed at all recently, but in the past NY dealers have been known to be stingy due to the NY rebate being applied at point of sale. They get to act like they are doing you a favor taking $2,000 off the car, but in reality they are offering zero dealer discount. You just need to be prepared for that, shop around and be willing to grind a little.

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So NY state 2k wouldn’t apply if shopping out of state then I assume

To qualify for the Drive Clean NY rebate you must be a New York State resident who purchases or leases a qualifying electric vehicle from a participating dealer located in New York State.

Thanks, much appreciated!

I reached out to my dealer who I leased a few Chevys in the past. They’re one of the biggest volume sellers in NJ.

He came back around 2% off MSRP. Told him 10% off is where I want to be. Gave me the usual spiel of “that’s not realistic” etc…

Told him to reach back out to me and can wrap it up ASAP. Car would eventually be free for me with Costco, conquest and the $5k NJ rebate.

The Bolt is pretty awful so my plan would to use it this fall for alittle and then gift it to my family member who has an indoor garage and access to charging it overnight.

I certainly wouldn’t pay for this car . Not even $50-$100 a month.

If they bite at 10% off I’ll report back

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That’s the problem now: enough non-hacker buyers are out there thanks to Costco that many dealers are realizing they don’t need to go much below MSRP on these (at least until they are desperate to get these off the lots). Which makes it a far less attractive deal for a car with many compromises.

Yep, and that NJ dealers know there’s $5k due back to the customer so I guess they’re take is let’s do 2% off and this lease will still be $150 for the customer…

Most non hackers will say $150 sign and drive for a Bolt? Where do I sign up…

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Exactly right and therein lies the rub. For most people who need/want a car, driving a $44k Bolt Premier is a bargain at $150 - probably the cheapest car they’ll have ever had. No motivation for a dealer to take losers.


There’s probably a good chunk of people who know nothing about leasing that would jump at getting one of these for $192 with $5,000 DAS that they would get back in a couple of months.