SIGNED 2020 Bolt LT - 1700 one pay OTD (3k post sale rebates due)

Picked up a slate grey bolt LT from Premiere Chevrolet in Carlsbad, CA. Thanks to @Miguel.At.Chevy and @ethanrs for facilitating this awesome deal. They are definitely a cut above everyone else with the Bolt deals. When I mentioned this deal to another dealer near me (since they were out of stock), I was laughed out and told to just get it from Premiere Chevy. If you are in the market for one, I would definitely hit them up.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Chevy Bolt LT w/ FastCharge
MSRP: $ 38,490
Monthly Payment: $ 0
Drive-Off Amount: $ 1700
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: -
Residual: 53
Incentives:8750 (includes lease cash + 3k costco) + 5k CVAP grant applied towards downpayment. ~500 off for supplier code
Post Sale rebates: 1k utilities+ 2k CVRP (Need to apply for both)
Region: Southern California
Leasehackr Score: 18.6 years (without CVAP) 74 years with CVAP

Leasehackr Calculator Link: Link without CVAP grant


Thank You Sriteja! Miguel and I loved working with you, glad we were able to get it done! :+1:


Thanks Ethan! Some friends and family have been asking about this deal. Will be sending them your way when they are ready.


Is the premier Chevy in Carlsbad CVAP eligible? I don’t remember seeing it on the eligible dealers.

@swagtesch I think it’s listed as Weseloh Chevrolet but it’s the same thing.


Yes they are.

This is one of the many reasons this site and community rock.
Enjoy your car with one hell of a deal!


yes. It is not on the list, but as @michael said, they switched owners/management, and thus the name from Weseloh to Premiere quote recently IIRC.

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Agreed. Y’all inspired me to get a hacked deal (even though I didn’t need a car).
Thanks. I am giving this car to my father… since he has a commute and and would enjoy not clubbing the planet to death. :sweat_smile:


Hey Ethan, can you help me replicate this deal?

If you qualify for CVAP don’t you likely also qualify for the extra $2500 CVRP ($4500 vs $2000)?

The #boltmania thread is over here. I would look through the thread to see the updates.

Not necessarily. CVAP looks at your individual income (depending on your filing status), where as CVRP looks at your household income (In my case, I file as an individual, but I have to include the income of EVERYONE in the household, related or not). I got stuck at my parents’ home due to COVID-19. Since I am living at home with my parents, I need to factor in their income as well and that puts me well out of reach for the extra $2500.

At least, that is my understanding from what I’ve read. I wouldn’t mind being wrong on this one…

How can you have NO monthly payment?

You can pay for the whole lease up front, meaning, you won’t have a monthly payment.

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I’m not a Tax Attorney, but I believe you are incorrect on this one. Your ‘household’ for tax purposes is just yourself. Based on how you filed is based on what your household is. Now if you were married filing separately (as opposed to jointly) your spouse would still be in the household, but you do NOT have to go off of residence/address. It would be insane to have to include your roommates (if you had any) in your total income to qualify, for example.

I believe you are confusing tax household with car insurance household - which DOES often require you to include all co-residences as insured parties. Though note that I’ve gotten around this years (ok, fine decades) ago by claiming that I was ‘Unit #2’ at my parents house, thus an distinct and different residential address (my dad had some accidents on his record and my cousin and his wife were staying with us at the time).


I may as well be wrong. This is uncharted territory for me.
Quoting from the CVRP site here:

For the purposes of CVRP, a household includes all family members or other unrelated persons, including the rebate applicant, who reside together and/or share common living expenses. Income verification is completed for all members of the household ages 18 years and older. Note: Roommates who do not have a lease separate from the applicant are considered part of the applicant’s household.

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Ahh dang, that’s insane. Well that’s very odd that they have such different rules for CVRP vs CVAP, but thanks for providing that detail.

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No problem. :+1:

Do you mind sharing the CVAP grant timeline? how long did it take?