Signed! 2019 BMW 530e Loaner $60k MSRP 36/12 $357+tax 2200 DAS 7 MSDs

After seeing some great 530e leases I decided to try one for myself. Coming out of a 2016 Hyundai Genesis. Used websites to find available 530e in my area and called all the dealers with loaners. Informed them I had seen deals under $400/month and if they could beat it. Had to drive 100 miles to pick up but got one with Dark Graphite with Cognac Leather Interior, first BMW!

I can not get the calculator to line up directly with the numbers given.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW 530e xDrive
Saved Numbers on Leasehackr Calculator:

MSRP: $60,285
Selling Price: $48222.90
Monthly Payment: $357.30 + 6.35% tax = 379.99
Cash Due at Signing: $2,200 (first month, acq, doc, reg)
MSD: $2800
Incentives: $3,500

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: .00165 (.00130 after MSDs)
Residual: 60% (58.29 after milage adjustment)

Region: NE
Leasehackr Score:12.3

I applied for BMW card and when it comes they will allow me to put the full $5,000 (DAS + MSDs) on it which will be worth $450 toward the lease. Pictures soon!


Great deal. If you haven’t already signed see if 24 months is cheaper.

I think someone in a different post had 24 month numbers and they may not have been cheaper? I’m hoping I do not need new run-flats…

Just put the numbers in the calculator
Change to 24m
Bump residual 6%*
Check payment

*delta is 6% for new, not sure if same for loaner

Great deal! Congrats. Enjoy your new ride. Put up some pics when you get a chance :wink:

If I use the 6% residual bump it does make it cheaper but the per month when you factor in DAS of 24 is ~$8 higher. Maybe I should have looked at 24 months…but I already signed.

No worries great deal either way. The part about being able to use the bmw credit card when it comes in made think you may not have signed.

Not worth 24 months on the 530e. Not enough lease cash or rebate support. 36 was the way to go. Grats on the pick up! I just got out of my 2016 Genesis as well and picked up my 530e 2 months ago. Huge upgrade!


My wife never liked the Genesis, said it was too jumpy. BMW feels really solid and rides exceptionally well. How’s your 530e so far?

I didn’t have enough time to apply and be approved before picking up today. BMW financial told me they rarely give instant approval and when they ran my credit (Tier 1) they said I would find out in 7-10 days.

Spoke to finance manager and he said he was OK with recharging me when I had card in hand and refunding my previous DAS. We shall see if it actually happens. Dealership has been great so far.

Ha, neither! Mine was sick of the temperamental tech and how heavy the car felt but absolutely loves the 530e. I don’t drive it too often, but it is such a comfortable ride. I really don’t know why I’d ever upgrade to the 7 series.

Maybe not worth 8/month x24= 192 to you, but for me, it gets you into a new car in 2 vs 3 years, saves cost of tires if they last 20k, etc

thats 20% off MSRP!! congrats! Even back in April looking at 2018 loaners, I couldn’t make any CA dealer shave more than 16%.

I’d be really surprised if the tires are at minimum tread at 30k – especially on this car. But there’s certainly validity to your point about not wanting the same car for more than 2 years. I much prefer to figure out my dispositions every 3 years so I’m not constantly having to rinse, repeat and rotate my garage so frequently. Especially if it’s a deal that I’d be hard pressed to beat later (which I think this definitely is on a 5 series). Unless the structure is considerably better on a 2 year deal, I personally sign for longer.

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I determined this as well on my own. Even if I’d gotten to 18% on a new unit as was my target it still didn’t make sense past just not having to replace tires or possibly brakes on a 36/15 (for brakes, I think the regen braking will help me stretch those out a touch)

Good point about not being able to replicate this deal down the line, which while true discounts model refreshes and the slash and burn pricing that is likely to happen then (going off the fire sale on ‘19 7s) but the base RV’s of 61% may not stay high enough to make this more than a wash.

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If I had loyalty this time and did not have a rear facing car seat I would have done a 4 series GC for 24 months as there have been some great deals to be had in the 200s. However, I need the larger car and agree that having to pay fees and find cars every 24 months is not ideal for me.

While I normally would not pay my fees up front the BMW card will allow me to pay them for 15 months at 0%.

Good points. I’m usually itching to get out of a car at the 2 year mark. Also 24 gets you loyalty faster if you’re a first time bmw customer.

Crazy good deal.

Congrats and a great deal you got especially 12k miles! Driving a loaner for the weekend with spec’s similar to yours. Very luxurious, the fit and finish is superb! Program your GPS and I think the car will find the optimal mix of gas/electric driving, enjoy!

I’ve tried this and honestly it’s a little wonky…half the time it ends up rerouting which throws the whole thing off so I just as soon use google maps thru Apple Play.