Signed: 2019 Audi E-Tron Prestige 84k MSRP 0 DAS No MSD 700 month

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Signed last week in AZ. 0 down $700 month $84k MSRP. A little nervous, my '17 Model S lease is expiring and I wanted to try something different while staying with an EV. The e-tron vehicle build/interior quality is a whole different level then tesla for way cheaper. I got in this thing after driving my S for 3 years and was blown away. Overall with insurance being $100 less per month this is saving me $500 per month. The range is the same as my '17 which is fine for me, I personally don’t need 400 miles. I also didn’t want to be a part of the “cult” anymore. Pretty tired of the way the tesla owners act and its CEO. He has become a major douchebag. And Im sorry, but the tesla S/3/X/Y build and interior QUALITY wise are complete trash and the design is outdated. SOME of the tech is great, when it comes to range, UI, and OTA updates but they are not worth what Tesla charges, especially the leases…I implore you, if you are current Tesla owner or lessor to at least test drive one. You will see what im talking about. The “autopilot” on the e-tron is much safer as well, as you need to be more engaged then the S. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about it.


Thanks for posting! Do you mind sharing the money factor, residual value, and sale price?

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Congrats! +1 for more details.

What dealership was this at in AZ? I actually stopped by Audi Chandler w my dad to take a look at the interior the other day and saw a long line up of 2019 e-trons available. Not one sales guy approached us!

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sale price was 59k and i get back a $500 costco gift card. residual is 39k

ya i checked with Scottsdale, Peoria, and Chandler. They were all over $900 a month. Finally found my deal at Audi Gilbert. They were very friendly (besides the finance guy) The Tesla order experience is way better in that regards. They only had like 2-3 more on the lot. But with the incentives going on right now with these it’s hard to pass up. The prestige upgrade is it worth it alone for the Bentley quality seats that f*cking massage you

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Don’t forget to post pictures :slight_smile:

Wow, what kind of incentives are involved here? Even factoring in them passing the full 7500 federal rebates, that’s one hell of a discount!


Yeah the Prestige is legit. This is an awesome deal! Would love to see a breakdown of the #s.

Market allowance (seen as high as 5.5, believe that’s direct to dealer),as you said fed rebate, and I think conquest, not sure on the last one.

Edit: no conquest, there is Costco as mentioned.

dealer discount was about 17% off plus 7500 fed tax, 2000 costco, 2000 audi marketing allowance, then $500 back costco card. So about 11500 in rebates and what not. Also had loyalty from my wife Q5 that just expired

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Great hack :+1:

Let’s see some NSFW pics!!


How’s the interior build quality? Is it more of an A8 interior or A6?

A8 or better.

Looking to get one of these for my parents this month. Hope I can get as good of a deal as you!

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Costco program is good.


Heads up, Omega auto has good deals for Costco + msd, and dealer market allowance is best in SoCal for what ive seen via forums. I’ve seen 670 Pm with msd, 3500 das. Obviously worse than this, but a springboard for reference.

i think that is for P+ and if I would have done MSD that would have been my price

Nope, prestige. 82xxx msrp, so might be missing a option or 2. You still got a killer 0 down no MSD deal though! Amazing discount.

Yup, I’m not in SoCal though. Thanks for the heads up

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Great deal. Wonder if this can be duplicated on the East coast.