Shortages Affecting Auto Production: Semiconductor, foam, etc

Blue Oval has been forced to reduce or idle production of both its redesigned F-150 pickup and the popular Explorer due to the chip shortage. The Mustang, Transit, Edge, Lincoln Nautilus and Aviator will also continue to be affected.


“Due to the unprecedented global microchip shortage, Jefferson North will adjust its production schedule through the end of May.”

Jefferson North employs about 4,800 hourly workers and makes the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the top-selling Jeep model last year, and the Dodge Durango SUV. A redesigned version of the Grand Cherokee is scheduled to start production in August

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The Castle Bromwich factory makes the Jaguar XE, XF and F-Type models, and employs about 1,900 people. Halewood makes the Range Rover, Evoque and the Land Rover Discovery Sport, and has about 4,000 workers.

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The proverb this year is “Sell in April and go away”…at least w cars.


Lease in April, or not until 2022


I moved on my XC90 a couple weeks ago since it didn’t look like things would get any better by June when I would actually need the second car happy I did.

As an aside, thanks for noting the Allstate Bonus drive on your deals. I never would have remembered it otherwise.

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Massaging seats now dropped from the X5MC executive package and not even available as a stand alone for the US market. Guessing it’s getting worse if they’re starting to pull options from the lowest volume highest MSRP units at this point.

There are now delays on X5s with M sport, FYI.

Lots of build weeks are getting pushed back 4-5 weeks, too.


If Jon Shafer over at Bimmerfest is to be believed, it’s potentially more than just a delay. Apparently:

“For the remainder of MY21, ZMP will not be available for the X5, X6 and X7. Supposedly will be back starting MY22 but not sure they know for sure.”

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Yeah, all I know is what I was told by the dealership. What I have been told, however, is that a bunch of 330ixs and X3 30i xDrives that have M sport were put into status 105 from 111 and 112, so something is going on. Lots of other cars got pushed back by 5 weeks as well.


Another update:

There will be no more HK sound for at least the remainder of MY21. This also goes for cars that are already submitted and pretty much for those that are already in 150 or thereabouts.


sooo…free bowers???

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Hah, right? That’s what I was thinking! Doubtful though.

You can get the Bluetooth Bowers headphones from Costco, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it correct that the M340i does not have any slots for coming months ? I found a couple that fit the package but they will be gone soon I am told.

Isn’t the build locked once it hits 150 status? From my understanding the build moves to 112 only if parts have been sourced, and once 150 hits the build is locked.

Correct for the most part. There are very few in the entire country. I normally get six per month. In January and February (February and March builds), I got two each, and I think I got one in one month. In April, I got zero. Because everything was pre-sold as orders - had four deliver in the last two weeks - there’s nothing in the pipeline, so nothing will be coming to the dealership.

@john6866 Normally, but if they are counting on parts that never arrive, totally different story.

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Due to parts shortage, a tin can will be used as a place holder until the part is available and will then be retrofitted at no cost.

I was driving through Hamtramck, MI (basically Detroit) the other day and also saw hundreds of Ford trucks parked. Really crazy to see that considering the marked up prices and demand issues people have been talking about on the forum.

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