Shortages Affecting Auto Production: Semiconductor, foam, etc

Yeah, all I know is what I was told by the dealership. What I have been told, however, is that a bunch of 330ixs and X3 30i xDrives that have M sport were put into status 105 from 111 and 112, so something is going on. Lots of other cars got pushed back by 5 weeks as well.


Another update:

There will be no more HK sound for at least the remainder of MY21. This also goes for cars that are already submitted and pretty much for those that are already in 150 or thereabouts.


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Hah, right? That’s what I was thinking! Doubtful though.

You can get the Bluetooth Bowers headphones from Costco, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it correct that the M340i does not have any slots for coming months ? I found a couple that fit the package but they will be gone soon I am told.

Isn’t the build locked once it hits 150 status? From my understanding the build moves to 112 only if parts have been sourced, and once 150 hits the build is locked.

Correct for the most part. There are very few in the entire country. I normally get six per month. In January and February (February and March builds), I got two each, and I think I got one in one month. In April, I got zero. Because everything was pre-sold as orders - had four deliver in the last two weeks - there’s nothing in the pipeline, so nothing will be coming to the dealership.

@john6866 Normally, but if they are counting on parts that never arrive, totally different story.

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Due to parts shortage, a tin can will be used as a place holder until the part is available and will then be retrofitted at no cost.

I was driving through Hamtramck, MI (basically Detroit) the other day and also saw hundreds of Ford trucks parked. Really crazy to see that considering the marked up prices and demand issues people have been talking about on the forum.

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If only they had the parts to get those trucks out of WIP and sold.

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GM - hold GM’s beer:

I expect to be alive 12/31/2029 to see GM (which I expect should be in business) maybe sell a self-driving vehicle.

Mary Barra — who said under oath she wouldn’t let her own teen drive a flammable GM car — proclaimed:

“Later in the decade, I believe, and there’s a lot to still unfold, but I believe we’ll have personal autonomous vehicles,” she told investors Wednesday. (Any statements contained in this report that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements as defined in the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.)

Edit: she is all over the media today, but her interview with Bloomberg, jfc

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The shortage is either super real or the dealers are just hyping it up and being tooo optimistic that they will sell everything they have super fast without any discounts.
I’ve been trying to haggle a Toyota Venza LE for 36 months lease and NONE of the 7 dealers that I contacted are going below the national Toyota lease deal. The best I have gotten is $300/month with tax and $2000 DAS. This just includes $1750 rebates. They are not giving 1% discount on the MSRP. Toyota hasn’t even been affected much by the shortage and especially the Venza is manufactured in Japan which hasn’t faced much problem any way. I don’t know what’s wrong. Some dealers just turned us away in 10 minutes. And I made sure I told all of them that I am willing to sign the deal RIGHT NOW. It was very clear that they are not at all desperate to sell at this point. I decided that I will wait another 10-12 days and see if these folks are able to sell their inventory by the end of this month.
I am located in San Jose, CA. I tried getting the deal that Shailender Singh got for his Venza, but there is NO WAY in hell any dealer will give me a 7-9% off the MSRP. And he got the deal just 20 days back. Wonder what changed.

Manufactured in Japan with globally sourced parts. It’s often one or a few components that can hold up an entire product (like a CPU)

They won’t be getting a ton more, and probably know they can get at sticker price or above when things get real dry come summer time.

With the Manheim index (what used cars are worth) where it’s at, you’re bidding against Budget, Nationwide, rental car companies who are desperate just to replenish their fleets.

Ended up ordering a Tesla before it affects them(their price)

Very real…


I don’t know man, you tell me. Toyota of Dallas is one of the biggest dealerships by volume in TX and that’s the ground report from today.


Bro… are you kidding me right now?
Everything is at MSRP minus the rebate now at this point
And I am going against my New Car Director’s pricing to get LH customers the deal.
I would have gotten fired last Saturday if I did this kind of deal everyday.


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Plot twist, it probably won’t at least compared to everyone else. They maintain a close relationship with chip manufacturers and designed their own SOC hardware for ‘autopilot 3.0’. Their FSD chips are fabbed by Samsung, instead of relying on outside tech from someone like Nvidia. Which is fabbed/made by Taiwan Semi-Conductor, a manufacturer involved with AMD, and the older ‘Tesla AutoPilot 2.0/2.5’ hardware, plus supplies many auto chips.

They (Tesla) were able to flexibly adapt to different chips and substitute different chips from manufacturers for their normal (now unobtainable chips). It’s just showing the failure of the modern supply chain. For the lead up to this crisis, arguably, most didn’t really expect everyone to buy record amounts of cars during a global pandemic when millions of people are dying from A. Complications, B. Disease itself, or C. At increased rates.

They (auto parts suppliers, think Bosch, etc) reduced orders of chips, which has resulted in shortages down the line, as I’ve been told orders are done quarterly (unconfirmed, told by my cousin at Intel). What I can confirm is that chips make forever to make, and ramp ups aren’t an instant flip of the switch, so plan to be in this state of absolute pandemonium for a bit more.

If you’re wondering why I know this, my family is involved in the semiconductor industry in Taiwan, much of my family overseas works at Intel and other companies. I actually almost went into electrical or computer engineering instead of Finance.

TLDR; Nobody expected this level of demand in the auto industry following a global shutdown and pandemic, chips take forever to make, so supply has been interrupted during a time when auto sales are heavily elevated.



Thank you so much for all the replies folks! :))
I guess I’ll have to settle for the national lease deal :sob: