Toyota cancelled allocations as of August 16th for next 60-90 days

It’s a car I wanted to love but I was so underwhelmed. I love the Tacos, I liked the Tundra (although it’s a bit of a dinosaur), but the 4R is an acquired taste imo. It’s just so boring unless you’re bought into that.

And if you get a great deal it’s an awesome flip.

$2K over doesn’t provide any addtl bloodflow.


Agreed it is like an Atari on wheels in the age of PlayStation 5.

Could sell it for a easy buck.

Someone needs to grab all the G Wagons around!

If it makes you feel better, I’m an outsider and I called this. I also got laughed at by some.


This. I would go so far as to say it’s probably an understatement to say they lack power. I mean this thing is a heavy ass truck, doesn’t move at all.

Lot of folks use pedal commander with 4Runners to get some feedback from throttle. Loved, loved, loved the looks and appeal of it until I drove it. Swore to myself that unless they put a V8 in this thing, I’ll never buy it.

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Quite a few people in CO spend the $250 and get it tuned either with the KDMax or OV Tune…I keep trying to talk myself into it. They all say it is worth it, makes a difference, etc…

In CO the Tacoma & 4Runner are basically the state vehicle.

Nobody wanted to hear it, but we were right, and it’s far from over.

I just listened to the last 2 Bloomberg/GS podcasts, lots of insights about more possible disruptions, as well as what to expect for the coming months. But nobody will listen to that either, they’ll speculate all the cars are hidden in the storage lots, even though retail sales numbers had to be reported “ex-auto” because of the multiple ways the current mess is skewing the numbers.


Why didn’t you tell us? Unless I missed it


You definitely missed it. I am not an aggressive salesman at all because I do large volume, but I was pushing a few people when they were telling me how “bad” my deal was. The push didn’t work of course and now they would kill for that “bad” deal. A big debate happened on my feed around the beginning of June. Admins ended up switching the conversation to…

Shortages Affecting Auto Production: Semiconductor, foam, etc

](Shortages Affecting Auto Production: Semiconductor, foam, etc)

Guy on here wanted to bet me that things would be back up and running with dealers taking loser deals again around this time / towards the end of the year. I just messaged him asking if he still wants to make the bet lol :joy:


I see most of your posts and agree with a lot of what you say. You are definitely one of the ones that know all the inside information.


So the 2021 Sienna AWD I picked up a month ago was a good investment???

Also, I don’t see how used car prices are ever going to go down. If there are fewer cars built in 2021 and 2022 that will impact used car supply in future years

I think there was an article about how the same thing happened in 2008 and it caused higher prices for 10 year old used cars in 2018.

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Question for all the experts here…I was able to get a RAV4 prime at MSRP(pretty much all dealerships are selling this at 3k-5k over msrp). Could this potentially have a high resale value with this production issue now?

I’m sure Vroom or Carvana will offer you something close to or MSRP. Assuming you qualify for $7500 tax rebate, it’s a worthy deal if you have a spare car. Then again, who would fork out $50k for a used RAV4……

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Did you already take delivery of it or are you waiting?

I took delivery.

Dang. You basically hit the lotto.

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Your confidence gives me confidence

Curious which podcasts these are? I searched Bloomberg but couldn’t immediately find those specific ones.

Don’t see why the others won’t follow. This could get much worse. For years.

I had to re-listen to find the pointer, starts at 21m35s (link should start there) but the mention below is later

Jim Bianco suggests the best Fed insight comes from recent former ex-Fed officials, and specifically mentions Dan Taurllo’s talk at Brookings as one example

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I am hearing Toyota is holding chips for 22s. Not sure if that is true or not. GST is saying they will massive produce the 22s on starting November

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