Who gives biggest BMW discount?

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Hello All. I see tons of brokers on here but cannot seem to find who has the biggest discount on a X5 or X7? Most likely build one but due to current shortages going on, don’t know if discounts are still the same? Will like to do PCD delivery so doesn’t matter where broker is coming from? Sorry if this has been discussed before

Look at their listings and see?


You need to ask each one, there is no magic ‘this guy is cheaper’ it depends on the model and what’s in stock.

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Probably not going to have the desired outcome (exactly what you want, and/or sooner). Start here:

@Ashleigh has been on top of shortages and ordering issues. IIRC: no HK, no Wireless Charging, no Adaptive Cruise, no MPE - but do your research.


Yes that’s my fear if I should buy a used CPO one with all the options already but used car market is so much higher :weary:

There are no leather colors available other than black for the M3 and M4 now too!

@anon53835148 The other thing you need to remember is that we’re at the very tail end of the MY2021 run, and 2022s are coming out shortly. With everything going on, I wouldn’t be surprised (no, no information yet) if there’s a month or so gap where you won’t be able to order anything as they’re figuring things out in the midst of the shortage. I’m already out of X7 builds, for instance (one left that’s in production) and I have a few X5s left, but the discount is only 6% due to the market. I’ve been hearing from a lot of people, though, that dealerships are completely out of X5s, so keep that in mind too.


Look at SWAPALEASE and see if someone is swapping out the car you want. It’s used but you get it for hopefully reasonable payments and can buy it at residual if you want it.

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How much do you really want one right now? Personally I’d wait until HK sound comes back, but that’s just me.

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I looked at this option but there is always just one picture, seller never responds, or hidden down payment.

So that is my issue. I don’t know if I should go ahead build one knowing it won’t have that stuff or wait till 2022, which still might not have it. I am going to see. I need one by August for sure!



Ok hold it, sounds more like you want 1 specific car instead of just any X5 or X7. I just looked up X7 and found at least 12 - 2020 X7s

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Yes. I messaged at least 10 of them but no one responded or its already sold.

The forum HERE under Private Party.

Keep trying. Remember that to never send money upfront and pay $300 and get a mobile inspection company to give you a report before getting any car sight unseen.

I am talking to a fellow on here about this but BMW declined me for the transfer but they pre-approved me for a new car. I don’t understand why.

That happens more often than most people think and has been discussed on LH quite a bit. It’s actually easier to get a new car, and one of the reasons/guesses presented is that the transferee (person assuming the lease) needs to have similar or better credit than the transferor. Why would BMWFS take a less qualified/riskier lessor, when they already have a good one in place now?

Anecdotally speaking, you’ll see folks who’ve tried to transfer out of high MSRP vehicles have had a very high rejection rate.

Ahhh okay. Very good points. I guess will need to brokers all over the nation at this rate lol.

Thank you all for the insight and help

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