Second Bolt EV Premier Hack in Texas, $5282.69 one pay, $2782.69 after TX rebate

Yes, it was 900-something

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I’m seeing a trend…too much focus on either monthly payment or MSRP, with the MF rising in the back door. Been playing with the calculator vis-a-vis MF, adjusting until it fits some numbers we see (that don’t make sense), so the calc can detect this in advance, helpful in non-heat-of-the-moment deal inspections.

This is actually a great deal at $6500. Since you got 12K miles plus you did not have lease loyalty of $1500. With that it would have been $5K for 12K miles. That’s the deal crown!


This is the best deal I have seen in TX.

I am curious to the $2500 EV rebate. As far as I know, this is for those who is the first registered owner of the car. At least that’s my understanding when I got my PHEV a few years ago. Is the rebate applicable to leased vehicle now?

No, TX gave the 2500 directly to the lessee, plus, it is a rebate, not tax credit. It is different as the federal tax credit.

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Residual dropped 3%…

Sounds like we all are just going to make our target discount 3% more. I’m interested to know if Chevy will provide additional factory to dealer incentives to compensate. I think dealers were getting $2500 in support last month.

Is this deal still available… any dealer reference… i live in north Dallas, near McKinney Texas.??

“just”… Dealers’ goals are making money, not making deals…

Lets not be condescending here. There are many brokers on this site that make a great living “making deals” and I also included in my statement the possibility of factory to dealer incentives that we as consumers don’t have visibility in to. Until we see what types of deals are being posted based on November’s information lets not draw any conclusions.

Take a look at this one in north texas, 2020 Bolt EV 5284.95 in North TX

I believe that is an LT, not a Premier

And it is two days ago, still October program, I believe.

For those of you who leased these fabulous cars, you may want to get a footrest - dead pedal cover. About $20 shipped. I just ordered mine.

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Quick question for those in TX…

Can I apply for the $2,500 post sale rebate twice under the same name or is it a limit of one? I wasn’t able to get an answer off their info page.


Don’t quote me on this, but I searched for limit on their application and T&C and did not see anything that would limit the number of rebates one person can get.

I also think there is no limit on the number of rebates per person. However, you need to keep the lease in your name for 12 months. So not really flippable if that was a consideration.

I have done it three times, no issue at all.

I am trying to make one in Houston, willing to drive to DFW if i have to