Second Bolt EV Premier Hack in Texas, $5282.69 one pay, $2782.69 after TX rebate

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Bolt EV Premier
MSRP: $43735
One pay: $ 5282.69
Drive-Off Amount: $ 5282.69
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
Residual: 53%
Incentives: $11250
Dealer Discount: $6420
Region: TX, sales tax credit applied.
Leasehackr Score: no idea

TX after sale rebate: $2500, makes the effective total payment to $2782.69.

WIll pick up the third one from the third dealer this Saturday.


Dealer discount of 14.7% !!!
Maximum I have seen on the forum. Kudos…!


I’d be scared to drive this tiny car in Texas, so many trucks everywhere :slight_smile:

Hi, if you don’t mind can you please tell which dealer did your work with?


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Man I just did a quick search in Texas, and seems like these dealerships are discounting 13% pre-incentive off the bat…

I picked up the third one today from the third dealer, one pay $5285.16. The dealer said my mife can not redeem my Buy Power card reward even though I presented physically, which was opposite to the explanation on the buy power card reward website. Other than that, everything went really smooth. I will submit the application to get $2500 back from the state of TX tomorrow.

She would have to be an authorized cardholder on the account to redeem it.


I see, thanks.
But on my earning account FAQ section, it says: ‘If you would like to apply the Earnings to the purchase or lease of a new GM vehicle* by an immediate family member (i.e., parents, spouse, siblings or children), the Authorizing Officer will need to be present at the time of purchase or lease of the vehicle. The family member must reside at the Authorizing Officer’s address and must not have, at the time of transfer, a GM Rewards Card product that provides Earnings or other rewards toward the purchase or lease of a new GM vehicle.* The Authorizing Officer and family member may be required to provide proof of their relationship.’

Seem like my wife doesn’t need to be a authorized cardholder.

Is it North Texas?


Is the power buy card a must to get this deal?

No and No. Buy power card is not a key point at all.

Can you post copy of contract?

I don’t have my contract right now, below is a contract my friend signed, basicaly the same.

Seems that sales tax would raise the price quite a bit in Texas. Did you have a trade, or did the dealer offer credits?

The best deal they could give me was $5,707.79 for 36M/10K on the premier Bolt, I guess they didn’t want to give me the same as your deal and said you might’ve gotten employee pricing instead of supplier…

Still a strong offer :slight_smile:

Yes, tax credit/exempt were applied on all the deals.

It is still a good offer.

How do you apply to get tax credit/exemption? Thanks!

Just ask, if they din’t apply, I would just walk away.
I asked the availability of tax credit before I negotiated the price. I clearly told them, if sales tax credit is not available, I would not make the purchase.

I have done six bolt ev premier deals in the past 10 days, no trade in for any one. All of the deals got sales tax credit or sales tax exempt, which are slightly different.