2020 Bolt EV 5284.95 in North TX

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Bolt LT
MSRP: $40,100
Monthly Payment: $
Drive-Off Amount: $ 5284.95 (One pay)
Annual Mileage: 10,000
Residual: 21,253
Incentives: 8,750
Region: North TX
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

It isn’t the best deal in Texas, looks like North TX dealers are difficult to negotiate the price, they usually offer about 9,700 for 36 months which is crazy. Thank you songshan311 for the help.


Congrats on a solid deal even without any supplier pricing or conquest incentives! Enjoy the car and don’t forget to apply for the 2,500 TX rebate before it runs out!

Great deal and enjoy!
I mailed and talked with basically every single North Texas Chevy dealer lol… Had one around ~$4,500 for $39k MSRP. Most dealers are at 10-12%-ish off tho. Still holding on, want to get a Premier for sub $6,000 but I know that’s going to be quite a stretch, taxes really kills the deal for the most part

Calc link missing…having a hard time making that 1 pay fit…what is the TX tax rate anyway?

1%or 1.25% with tax credit


Bingo! Calc works! LOL

Need 3 things to get a screaming deal done:

  1. Significant discount
  2. Sales tax credits
  3. Base MF

Each one of those is often hard in itself. Getting 3 is like a Jackpot. So either luck or work will be needed unfortunately.

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Silly question - I’ve had sales tax credit before from the dealer. But it’s always or usually at 1-1.5%? Why do they do that instead of the full 6.25% credit?

1-1-5% is brilliant. I’m just curious of why this approach. Legislation?

Congrats! !!

There is another program, called sales tax-exempt, which eliminates the sales tax.

You (buyer) are suppose to pay sales tax on full amount. However, when you return the car at the end of lease, lessor/captive claims tax credit on residual value that can be used toward lowering tax rate to 1% on future transactions. Captive/lessor pass it out to dealer and they use it to close the deals.

TLDR; lower your tax bill by haggling with dealer on tax credit (applicable to leases in TX only).

can you provide dealer details?