Second Bolt EV Premier Hack in Texas, $5282.69 one pay, $2782.69 after TX rebate

Ok great I’ll ask them, thanks for the advice!

How much sales credit did they apply to get you to the $5,283 single pay?

sales tax exempt waives the sales tax. Sales tax credit sets the tax rate lower, depends on the lender, it is standard for all customers. I am not sure the tax rate after sales tax credit is 1.25% or 1%. I did not bother to ask.

How do you get them to waive the sales tax or get a sales tax credit? Is this a Texas thing? Because I’m in Cali looking at 9.5% credit. I have supplier, healthcare, costco, loyalty…

BlockquoteJust ask, if they din’t apply, I would just walk away.
I asked the availability of tax credit before I negotiated the price. I clearly told them, if sales tax credit is not available, I would not make the purchase.

@songshan311 @ElectricEliminator @dloco Even if a dealer wanted to, how could a dealer just waive taxes?

It is only a Texas thing.

Sigh… I figured!

For your friend’s deal did he have employee, supplier or any other offers besides the rebate, costco, and sales tax exemption?

Got mine. Thank you so much. You need to have an existing lease for lease loyalty. That is $1500 of the discount.

Note also the $2500 rebate is taxable for federal taxes. Still a screaming hot deal.

Thanks for the clarification. Where and who did you work with? You can PM me if with the info if you’d like.

I would love to replicate this. Can you tell me information on what dealer it was at?

Also remember that these are $40K cars. So insurance is not going to be “cheap”. It’s going to be in line with the MSRP.

No employer, no supplier neother.


DM me, please

I did some dealing today and decided not to go through with it. $6,549 one pay 36/10K for MSRP of $44,090. It’s dark gray with gray leather. If you have a current lease it’ll be cheaper with the $1,500 rebate. Somebody here took me up on my offer and they sold their last Bolt Premier to them.

This is the best deal I have ever seen…

Are these deals gone now that we’re past 11/2?

Don’t know yet. Should ask Edmunds.

Seems the incentives maintain the same, based on autobytel info.

I’m also in North Texas and got a $6500 one pay for the Premier for 36/12k. They refused to give me their base money factor and instead had to pay about 1.2% APR.

I feel like I could have done better but it was end of the month and there was uncertainty on whether the incentive would be renewed.

My total cost for three years came out to about $4k after the Texas state rebate or $112 a month.

Despite the higher MF, I feel like I did almost as good as OP since I was not eligible for the trade in incentive

More details

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Bolt EV Premier
MSRP: $43915
One pay: $ 6500
Drive-Off Amount: $ 6500
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: 0.00067
Residual: 52%
Incentives: $9750 ($6750 + Costco)
Dealer Discount: $6450
Region: TX, sales tax credit applied.
Leasehackr Score: 29.9 years


Was the rent charge about 1K? What were your incentives total?