Random Jeep chatter

Not sure it’s still an issue but last winter the mats were really slowing down builds

Got it! Thanks, I will give it a try.

4xe for 50k? Something seems off?

Na FCA smart, give $7500 rebate then increase msrp $7500+

Oh, absolutely. It is not different than introducing a consumer product at a cheap price, allow the market to learn to love it, and the price increases over time.

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The 4xe is the new Rubicon just purchased. The Sahara that was sold to Driveway was not a 4xe.

I am not a bit surprise. Its Missouri. :upside_down_face:

Finished my 4XE journey yesterday. Ordered two in December, one in April and one in May.
The first order from December 14th backfired as it was an HA and I just picked it up yesterday. I plan to keep this one and the white one from April my wife will drive for a year. I sold the other December order shortly after taking delivery and netted $7,500. I sold the May order this week and only netted $2,500 and it was tough getting calls returned, much less decent offers.
Overall it was a fun experience, kept me busy and put some change in my pocket (also netted 15k each on our two Etrons with 6 months remaining earlier this year due to the 4XE plan.


Yeah, it seems to be a hangup with Carvana. My registration receipt has my address as the owner, but my name is nowhere on the receipt.

CCAP Auto Lease Ltd
with my address below it.

CCAP Auto Lease Ltd
1601 Elm St Ste 800
Dallas, TX 752017260

I have never leased before so I am not sure how it should look. But I was told by the DMV that a correction would take up to 8 weeks, after they get an affidavit from Gupton to change it to include the c/o burningmustard.

Sounds like this could be a mess. Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.

Mine has

CCAP Auto Lease Ltd
My name
with my address below it.

No c/o on registration.

Thanks for letting me know. For some reason I don’t think the c/o is needed on the title, and my DMV messed up by not adding my name above my address like yours.

lol agreed. I called CCAP and they gave me the address to send the title to.

I’ve returned 3 sets of new issued plates this year alone and got 1 year refund each time

Anyone else have their priced raised from Clutch’s shipper, after signing the contract? Seems like it happens a lot according to Yelp reviews. I’m in the same boat now. Hopefully they can still get the Jeep to me this coming week. I said no thanks to the dealer when they were giving me prices since I already locked in with this company, or so I thought.

FYI, not blaming Clutch. It’s not their own company