Please keep all your “wanted” ads here - Part 3

Looking for a Toyota Rav4 TRD Off-Road (purchase, not lease)- Any deals?

Any brokers on here got any 24s Saharas/Rubicons with All the packages with Sky One Touch? My Gupton order is MIA and going to bail on it

Anyone have any insights into a really cheap lease in TX? Have a family member that’s looking to spend as little as possible and doesn’t really care make or model.

If they have Costco it’s a chevy equinox in the $300 range. If they don’t then it’s a Kia Forte almost $400

Then repetitive leases in the current environment are kryptonite for their financial health.

Especially when you compound it with Texas’ punitive tax on leases.

My wife and I just moved down to Hilton head and need a second vehicle. We saw one of the in blue with a 6 speed manual transmission and now she wants one. Anyone with any leads or know of any mini folk here on the boards offering up any deals? Mahalo for your help.

Located in Houston. Looking for a deal on a Genesis GV60 Performance. Haven’t had much luck with local dealers. They don’t seem willing to approach the corporate offer of $549/month with $5,999 DAS.

The corporate offer is garbage anyway but it doesn’t include taxes (6.25% of the value of the car). On a $65k car that’s almost another 4k

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True, it really messes with expectations.


Sorry. Did not understand what you were asking for here. If you are asking for a Mini, I haven’t seen many deals on it.

Still looking for a 3rd row SUV! 36 months, 0 down, 10k miles per year. Under $500 a month! 750 Fico score!

3rd Row, Under 500? 0 Down? I don’t think it exists.

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Contact @AutoNinjas or another broker for Mini? May be out of state for @AutoNinjas but they might be able to get you where you need to be.

Anyone have Volvo vxc40 or C40 deals in socal? Looking to close before Thanksgiving

I can sell you one but you won’t get it prior to the holiday

That is fine, but the deal would it match the one I saw in the forum. About 328$ per month or 360 per month from what I saw.



Hi Benedetto i set the payment kthx


Yeah that’s my thought also, but it looks like I might have ~$3k in equity right now.

what are you paying now for your CX30? That 3k will barely cover inceptions and you might be paying more.