New Cars for Sale - Leads from LHers!

They will go to nothing soon here

I’m actually more concerned about whether there will still be a $7500 California government rebate starting 2024, haha. I heard they might reduce it to $3750.

No clue if they’re still playing the ADM game (‘dealer sets sales price’), but got this email from BMW San Rafael

m4 is harder to sell compared to M3, usually 5% under MSRP even for the customized one

It does say 7k off MSRP…

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Alright, here’s what I have

Full size Range Rover V8 - $148k MSRP
Range Rover Sport V6 - $107.5K MSRP

Both being offered at MSRP and available. You must be local to NY/NJ. PM if you want dealer info


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Not my deal but I saw it online and wanted to share. If this is not allowed, please delete the post.

2023 Toyota 4Runner TRD premium for $45k out the door. $7000 discount off MSRP and a $1500 rebate to finance with Toyota.
Total $8500 savings

Dealer: Capitol Toyota

link here: caredge success stories


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This looks suspicious as all get out. Seems like a great avenue for dealer astroturfing to post on CarEdge and then get a bunch of buyers reaching out trying to replicate an impossible deal.

I’m not seeing a $1500 incentive from TFS anywhere (National and 95050 which is the registration zip code). That discount seems steep for a car keyed as “new” - I’d expect to see “demo” at this discount level, but maybe it had some miles on it from test drives, etc.

If we have any Toyota dealers on the forum, I’d like to know if there is any meat left on a deal like this, because it seems unlikely. Only other scenario that may be missing is a trade-in that is accounted for separately that makes breaking down this deal moot.

Correct there is no 1500 incentive to finance with Toyota. 500 on some hybrids 1k on some other stuff but 4Runner has no specials this month.

I’m like $5500 off msrp on them so I guess $7k is possible. That’s a big loss though, not sure why a California dealer would need to do that


Hi my favorite fish
I helped a friend last month on one
5k off and they clawed back 1k alarm so 4k
That was the best deal in so cal at the time and best currently would be @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto if his offer Includes the OR


I had a 4 Runner SR5 as rental in Florida about 2yrs ago.

I thought it was the biggest piece of shit I ever drove. Heavy, oversized and slow.


Now you have the German counterpart in EQS lol


Hawaiians seem to enjoy them. See them every time I’m in Hawaii. No idea why.

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This exactly…down to the date…except swap Florida for Indiana.

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I had one. Absolute turd, but i understand the appeal. Drives like a truck, i liked it more rhan the highlander rental i had


Had one has a rental too on a road trip. I was excited to see what the hype was about, but the 4Runner was utterly and completely disappointing. I don’t have a single good thing to say. Interior was cheap, ride was bad, fuel economy sucked, wasn’t particularly powerful, etc.


It’s the surfers that made Toyota Tacoma and 4Runner super popular. It jives with the lifestyle.

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