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Who is the actual Lexus plug on here? Might move away from MB/BMW and get GX550

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Times have changed a lot. Now it’s very much an exception to find a good ICEV lease. Mazda CX90 and Volvo XC90 with loyalty seem to be the only two exceptions right now. I’d pass on the Chevy personally.

Just keep in mind that today repetitive leases are a terrible financial move outside of a few exceptions.

thanks HHH_Shah

Thanks but the Equinox is a no-go for me. I had its twin, the Terrain on a trip last month and the B pillar was in my shoulder. It’s weird looking for a fit both financially and physically, but that’s where I am.

where are you located?

Penfed also offers some $$$ off

I am looking for an EQB 300 with 3rd row in PNW or on the west coast. I can travel to pick up or ship.

Feel free to PM me with what you have.

I’m in Omaha

I have a 2021 Mazda CX-30 lease currently (ends in January 2025). Interested in a Toyota Tacoma, Hyundai Ioniq 5, or something else similar (compact SUV/small truck). Those two look to lease close to what I pay now ($385/month). Any other suggestions for something less expensive? I did see an offer for a 2023 CX-30 in the $275ish range.


I’m looking for a broker who can help me getting a EQS suv lease… anyone could recommend? Thanks in advance for help!

I’m located in Washington, Seattle!

Where are you located? That will help narrow things down.

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Please specify what state or region of the country you are in. Makes a big difference.

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@BENZORNOTHING is a dealer in Oregon. He is probably your best bet. Has a thread on the Marketplace.

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Seeking the best GM broker for a November lease on a gmc or Chevy truck for Pennsylvania. Thank you!

If your mazda lease is ending in 14 months, you are way too early to be looking for another.

Thank YOU!

Any brokers down to help me with a new 2022 volkswagon ID.4 lease price here in New Mexico?

Looking for Volkswagen id4 or Nissan Ariya. I’m in alabama but can travel

Looking for a Toyota Rav4 TRD Off-Road (purchase, not lease)- Any deals?

Any brokers on here got any 24s Saharas/Rubicons with All the packages with Sky One Touch? My Gupton order is MIA and going to bail on it