Percentage Discount on BMW Loaner - With an Accident on the Carfax

It is a question that has been asked many times, but with a twist. Fully loaded (really) 340i with around 4500 miles. MSRP is around $59k. Carfax says minor front end damage. I wanted to get some thoughts on what would be a reasonable discount. I guess the accident doesn’t matter much if you are leasing until maturity, but it does limit your ability to transfer. It would also matter if you were planning to buy it out or “Vroom/Carvana” it.Thanks.

100% :wink:

Is there a clause stating you can not transfer an lease with a car involved in an accident from BMW?

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A 2018 with 1 day of lease support left? Or a 2019?

  1. Over a year on the lot too.
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I am sure you could still transfer it, but just like selling, the buyer pool will be smaller.

Don’t know if many people pull carfax’s for leased cars they’re going to return anyways. But for transfers where the lessee plans on buying the car afterwards. I can see where that may be an issue.

Offer them $41k and see what happens. That’s probably what it’ll be listed for on June 1.


Lol, I’ll try. They are at $51k now.

Was just about to say that. Before rebates too. Nothing like leasing a car negotiated under RV!

30% off before incentives. Settle for 25%. At least that’s what I’d aim for. Good luck!


On a dirty carfax? I think I’d still pass at 25%

I sense that OP wants the car. (Ergo, shopping the car more, than shopping the deal) Don’t risk losing the car, if that’s the case. For me (and you), yeah – I agree. :wink:

OP, go for the jugular…

This would be the 2018 3 series unicorn :unicorn: of all time if you can also use rebates, loyalty and OL code…

Who cares if it’s been hit unless you’re buying it at lease end

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Yeah shopping the deal is key.

They’re not going to give the car away for a minor parking lot cracked bumper. 25% Would be acceptable to me.


But, a bad carfax is still a bad carfax. They know it and should be happy to be rid of it.

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So shoot for 50% then!


I’ll take that challenge!!

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Everything everyone else said, but most important IT HAD A BIRTHDAY! Most dealers are paying interest on floorplan for their inventory after 60-90 days. That banged up leftover 2018 is costing them money every month (unless they finance their own floorplan which seems to be very rare these days).

If it were me, I would probably not take one that had a bad CarFax because I like to lease and imagine buying it if it’s a good one, but then again I’m 0 for 7 (I would the current lease, but it had a $15k rear-ender and lived to tell about it).

BUT: if you know you aren’t keeping it, you know it had a birthday, it’s the last day for 2018 incentives, you love it, and you can get a screaming deal on it, why not? But I would DEFINITELY not put MSDs on that particular car: if decide you want out of that lease later, and assuming you can even transfer because it was fixed, adding MSDs will make it impossible to unload.

Swing for the fences (and be honest: “I realize you need to eat, but this is what I think is fair”) on MSRP discount, incentives. If you haven’t get the residual and MF from Edmunds and see what you can get at buy-rate. Tomorrow is the last day of the month, so if that dealer needs that unit, and knows they will have trouble unloading it on June 1st (when someone will have to buy it with a bad CarFax) they should make you a deal that you both feel good about.

And if not, there are other cars, and other deals.


Take the VIN and shop it at the online buy sites and see what kind of offer they would give you.