Fair price on a damaged loaner?

Sup gang. Found a '19 2 series loaner that I really like with only 1,800 miles. The bad news is the vehicle was involved in an accident (doesn’t bother me, it’s a lease!) and the worst news is the most they’re discounting this car is 12% off MSRP and marking up the MF.

The dealer I leased my last 4 BMW’s from (50 miles away) is willing to do 11% on an order car and base MF to keep my business. Thoughts??

No brainer. New car.

Not even worth a counter offer tho?


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I am not one to say go ask for 20% off but I would expect to get something near that on a car that has been damaged. (whether its a lease or not). The MF is not important to me either but, I do commend your dealership for trying to continue to earn your business on a new unit + an ordered unit on top of that.

Thanks Chris, the problem is this is a 2 series, not a 3 or 5 series that dealers have a flooded inventory of :frowning:

Does it matter? The principle is the same.

Just because they have less 2’s doesn’t mean that they’re “more popular”, it means they have less of them. I’d bet that average inventory time/days on hand is way higher for a 2 than it is for a 3 or a 5.

I encourage you to shop more than 2 dealers and control the deal to what you want it to be. 11% off new and 12% off a demo are both mediocre offers.



2 series in my inventory just rots

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Probably not worth messing with, they only want to discount a car with a known accident 12%, I’d move on, there’s probably a new one out there that someone will discount that much. A 330 loaner would probably lease better anyway, from what I’ve seen 2 series leases blow. I wouldn’t even consider anything less than 20%.

Go for the kill and counter with 30% off …


People are leasing brand new one with 10-12%+ off msrp…
A damaged loaner 12% + MARKING UP THE MF?? … wtf.
That’s insane, not to offend you OP but I sometimes wonder why people post stuff like this on this forum.

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just throw an offer and if they don’t bite just move on. you should be 20% on a damaged + loaner. So far on various vehicles I have kicked tires on/ leased.

loaner - minimum 15 optimal 20%+
new- minimum 9 optimal 12%
damaged loaner - minimum 18- optimal 22%+

just some rough figures on negotiating about 15-20+ bmws in the past 2 months. Results will vary based on region.