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Where’s this?!? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Comparing different months is like comparing apples to oranges. You can’t. It is a very good deal for that month.


That was in the glory days of s90 leases when Volvo couldn’t give them away, they were throwing so much cash at them and I think you also got a generous 6 month conquest bonus as well.

I didn’t realize it was over a month ago! My mistake!

Yes I got a $4500 check on top but wasn’t including that… my wife spent it in 3 weeks :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

If there was a marriage hackr site, most of us would avoid making the two most expensive mistakes of our lives :slight_smile:

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We should start a marriage hacker site…

There is one. Called “pornhub”.


I thought you went there as a marriage maintenance type of site!

It is also can be considered a hack.

Hi Ben,

Just checking if you were able to get the numbers for me. I am looking at GLA250 or GLC300 with 10K miles, 36 months. My zipcode is 60504 and 0 down.


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I could only find two 2018 F-Type 340 Convertibles left in the entire nation, one in California and one in New Jersey.

NJ wasn’t willing to discount deeply on their example.

The one in California had been on the lot for a year and hadn’t lived the life it deserved. Swirl marks galore and a scratch so I negotiated the cost to detail the car back to mint condition on top of their already deep discount.

Quentin, I’ve emailed you and PM’d you twice already asking for a quote. I would greatly appreciate a response.

Hello Quentin, I emailed you on Sunday November 4th regarding your services.
Just letting you know. Thanks in advance. @nyclife

Oh @ursus

Looking for a 2019 C300 4MATIC lease in NJ/NY Area!!
I can get MB DEAL NUMBER when required. Looking to put first month + applicable fee. Would love to stay around 380$. I live in NJ, but willing to drive and pickup the car from nearby states.
Demo / loaner cars also ok.
Please help!

I’m looking to get a 5 series within the next two-three weeks as my 3 series lease is ending up. Can you please tell me what the best absolute deal would be on a 5 series? I don’t want any payments over $470-480 tax included. I do qualify for BMW Loyalty and work at Bank of America corporate and have a Costco membership. Please text me me via email: if you can find a deal for me.

I’m open to loaner and demo cars

Even demo and loaners I’m open too!

Hey, aronchi.

I work with Infiniti fleet and I can delivery to ct. if your would like to do deals together that you not able to do on your own or maybe cuz specific car not In stock or whatever case is.

I get approvals on spot and devlivery of contract for very next day.

No problem