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Hi…I’m considering the QX60 vs the XC90, VW Atlas and Honda Pilot.

What was her mileage? Ant money down? The 700/mos price monthly in this convo isn’t doable for us, so looking at options, with seating for 6 or more. Thanks!

Not sure if you meant lease mileage or gas mileage so I’ll answer both. Her lease was a 39/12 with VPP. There are several threads on here about qx60 pricing and it has been a great value play all year. I make her drive in ECO mode and she gets about the published gas mileage. I did find that she had been putting regular in it for the 1st 4 months she had it, so now that she corrected that, I would expect it to improve a bit. The 2nd row moves forward and back which helps get people in the 3rd row which is small. My shortest child is 5’9", so getting them back there is a challenge, but for smaller children there is enough space. It’s a great alternative to a minivan.

Thank you. I was referring to mileage per year. We are coming from a Yukon XL so most autos gas mileage are better than what we have (with the exception of the expedition, sequoia and QX80/Armada). We had a minivan before that. Trying really hard to go back to a mid sized suv and avoid GM products (also had Acadia).

I am a bit concerned about the 3rd row as my tallest child is about 5’8” or 5’9” at age 14. Youngest child is 8 yrs. But with Different schedules we don’t often have everyone together at the same time.

Really trying to be around $400/mos with no money down.

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If you lease now, how tall will your 8 year old be in 3 years when the lease is up?

Hey, let me know if you looking for a good Infiniti deal

You still interested?

yes how many miles per year would you need ?

@mani_is_kool Incase you think I’m scared think again !! :joy:

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MSRP: 45260
Q50 Essentials

Due at signing: $3600

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2018 Q50 3.0 luxe
46k MSRP
Payments: $385/Monthly
Due at signing: $2200


2018 Q50 SPORT
MSRP: 52,840
Selling Price: 42,840
Payments: $450/Monthly
Due at Signing: 3k

Any looking for an Infiniti please contact me for a free quote. I deal with customers the NY TRISTATE AREA.

Offer great wholesale pricing. Delivery of car and contracts available at your request.


Hey are you still interested in a qx60?

Q60** sorry

Send me the exact model you about to get and exact msrp. Amount due at signing.

Maybe I can beat there price.

What state?

Wow, this is a great deal. Congrats!


that’s insane… do you think that can be replicated?

I don’t think that’s great of a deal? My wife and I put literally zero down on our t6 inscription for $399 a month without taxes. 30month lease. 10k