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That’s before or after you call me a liar with no evidence, a$$hole?

Or are you ready to prove any of what you say, liar?

Hello Ben,

I booked a slot on your calendar last Thursday and tried to reach out via text but no luck… any other alternate way to a reach?

This thread is for reviews. - Mod

These two excerpts seem at odds with one another.

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Not super articulate, for an educated person.

I’ll just leave this here. You’re very mistaken. I think you’re out of touch with reality, sir.

The only person who stated what they earn is Tommy. So I don’t guess it’s possible to know who earns one-sixth of anything.

Despite tommy flat out saying I made a profile to troll him.

I provided evidence that it’s false.

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Anyone still looking for a great QV deal? We have 6 remaining at Northside… sold 5 last week. We are still the leading QV dealer in the nation.

I think you have the wrong person. I was looking for an audi sq5 premier

I did not tell you my budget is $250. Check your email pls. I asked you for a quote and you never came back.

You left your review, keep the rest in PMs.

Oh shit…here comes the diatribe…
(sorry mods…couldn’t resist…)

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Non-sense? Really? And, you know this how? Check with RVguy. He is somewhat familiar with my “proprietary spreadsheet” as he and I have been communicating privately. He will be quick to point out that it’s anything but non-sense. Also, the proposal is formatted much better than the one you see above for obvious reasons but, apparently, you weren’t able to figure that out. The only non-sense on this thread is you, fool!

Bull! You were directing your comments in reference to me and you know it. To wit…

and then, there was this from you…

anyone besides the lames in this thread have an **excel worksheet that formats nicely like this**?”

You knew that I’m the OP with the “proprietary spreadsheet” and knew damn well what you were saying and to whom (your peanut gallery audience) you were directing your irresponsible comment. You don’t know me nor do you know anything about my spreadsheet. Yet, you jump to ridiculous conclusions for which you have no basis in fact. You look awful foolish to the few on here that know better. Get a clue!

I don’t think he was calling the spreadsheet itself “nonsense”, I think he was more peeved at the fact that you don’t seem to be inclined to give it to him for free.

With all due respect, I think you’re just speculating. However, you may be right. I’ll speculate by saying that I think he is very jealous. Read some of his posts. Still, he did say…

“OP is a total loser with their “proprietary spreadsheet” nonsense…”

I’'m hardly a loser and anyone who knows me well will tell you so. My proprietary spreadsheet involved considerable time and effort. It’s not non-sense by any stretch. It’s proprietary for several reasons as I’m aware that there are those that could actually profit considerably by having it.

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