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in the market for a 2020 3 series . please send link.


Link please.

Looks like you took the pics right before taking a ride on the cyclone :wink:
BK all day everyday

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please send me new link. thanks!

Hi Cody, Please send me the link. Thanks.

@Cody_Carter Please pm me link to sep deals … thnx

hincalvin . Can u send me ur lease spreadsheet form350e? I am looking to lease but not sure as price seems high for a 19 vehicle with 20 almost here.
Please pm
Me at

Can you share your salespersons name please? I want one also. Great deal

Might you PM me the details on the 430 convertible? Sounds like something I would want this weekend if the deal works. Thanks! Todd

Link please :slight_smile:


nice deal. would you mind sending me your sales person’s contact info?

Sick deal! Wish I had the need for one of these at some point. Cheers to you @Jrouleau426!

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These deals are really poor.

Buyers in NY are much better off going to Boston or Philly.

I’m not speaking negatively about your discounts, but perhaps regionally NY just isn’t there compared to neighboring states.


you might want to try and post a few good lease deals

Can’t commit to them always being cheaper but service is top notch

Was the paperwork done via Fed Ex?

Please send me September sheet link. Thanks.

This is helpful I’m looking to ship to Florida as well. Flying up is cheaper but I really want to avoid the long drive.

Any chance on getting a link for the spreadsheet?

Can I get Sept link? Interested w Costco deal extended