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Would you pay 75k on a lease for that car?

So it proves my point I’m not on drugs saying that they can sell out of region

They don’t teach that in school. School system is getting bad by the day

Even college is a joke. They legit teach stuff that’s taught in first grade.

Just started. It’s a joke. They make us take test at home . Imagine this shit 10 years ago. Everybody would be a doctor by now

Schooling was much better 15 years ago.

Cars were better 15 years ago? How?

I would be a good car salesman. I can put up a good fight. But I won’t have any cars sold. Only bad reviews for the dealership .

Haven’t had a reading comprehension class since 6th grade .

Does anybody on this website actually do Land Rover and Jaguar deals? Or they lease bad all the time

Wait a santa cruze is marked up more than a range? Joe bidens America sucks.


Yes it does. I wish I could have voted😢

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Hey seokjin, could you PM me your Wisconsin broker info?

Great deal!!! Can you please PM dealer details. Thanks.

Sure you got a lot of driving assistance packages and some fancy paint but a lot of the other options are standard on the real m. I know which one I’d take.

It’s a lot more than driving assistance packages and fancy paint…

Here’s a list…

Head up display
Heated steering wheel
Gesture control
Laser Lights
Power Tailgate
All Wheel Drive

An M3 optioned similarly to this is just under $84k.

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Sorry I amended my statement: nice paint a bunch of driver assistance packages and a bunch of useless crap. Plus in an m3 you would actually have some equity(even in normal times) post lease. Look you like his loaded m340, cool it’s a nice car. At 70 grand I’ll take a stripper white over red m3 11 out of 10 times.

It’s entirely possible OP is unloading this loaded m340 for a stripper m3 :laughing:

The other stuff may be useless to you, but to someone who’s looking for a daily with all the amenities they may be wonderful. In any case this probably isn’t the appropriate thread to be shitting on someone’s ride.


Ok, go get M3, this is topic not about M3