Off Topic Landfill 5

I have no idea!!! Help me think of something!


hahahaha, nice to “formally” meet you @Bostoncarconcierge, have always seen you post in these forums. I am just starting to get more involved as I’m currently looking to take over a lease.

Meanwhile in the Bay Area (NorCal)

Valid​:boom::boom:. Is this from Land Rover Manhattan? What’s the money factor ?

If I’m not wrong it might be better to roll the taxes into the monthly payment. If you wreck the car your loosing 9k as to if you were to roll it into monthly you’d loose first month

Also in If it is nyc then why are they charging registration fee and doc fee. It doesn’t cost 300 to register. Doc fee is not 175 either

It’s also a bad deal in my opinion … monthly payment
1700*39 months = 66,000 + 9000 DAS=75,000. Msrp 105,000. Your paying too much :thinking::thinking:

Don’t think so. The tax is 6k and monthly is 1700. Then fees

:thinking:odd…I think he’s purchasing it from the wrong dealership. A dealership in Manhattan is made to take all your money

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175 is the limit though right? They can still charge 75 if they want . Right?

He can do PA CT and MA. Those are all in the same geographical region

I literally have quotes from MA

They are apart of the same company …


You do Land Rover leases?

So I wasn’t fully wrong …

I don’t need 1 either. The prices are bad. These quotes were hideous

So if I give an opinion on why you should pay 75k on a lease for a 105k car thats bad…? Doesn’t that ruin the purpose of the forum?

You tell me the exact date that the doc fee went to 175?
If you read exactly what I typed it says “geographical region”

You’ll get a better deal in Manhattan as compared to ramsey ?

Doc fee isn’t an issue. 100 dollars isn’t the issue. The issue is paying 75k on a lease when the car is only 105k. You don’t need to light 75k on fire