2021 Range Rover Westminster Lease- Opinions Please


Agree, infiniti of manhattan used to be literally balls-deep.


Oh man I forgot about them - best deals in the nation!


There was a good amount of F-type deals in the prehistoric times of LH.

Did their phone number get reassigned yet?

Noted, the RV 47% is a little crazy, it seemed other Rover dealers quoted similar RV as well. I am sure the money factor is bad too.

I will ask for a finance quote today and see how it goes. As @Jaskaran_Singh said, paying too much in the first 39 months.

Also any brokers do Range Rover deals? Please let me know. I am taking one asap.

Thanks in advance.

Try to get outside financing offer from other banks & credit union (chase, penfed etc.) as well just to be sure you’re not getting an higher rate.

BMW Manhattan had steals on their M cars about 2 years ago, 800$ a month, nothing due at signing, for an 80k M4. Wish it was the same now :face_vomiting:

Search the Marketplace.

Why do you even need a financing quote? Calculate it yourself.

Negotiations is half about perceptions. If you come across as a mark or a noob, you’ll get eaten.


105,000 msrp
9300 taxes roughly (8.875%)
500 fees
115,000/60 = 1900 monthly with 0 down.
110,000/60 = 1830 with 5000 down
On a 115,000/72 = 1597 with 0 down.
Interest charges not included *

0% interest? Where?

Rough idea of where he should be

Youre going to pay sticker or above.

There isnt much to it in this market.


6k markup Long Island

Let’s not make it political. it will derail the thread.

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The tier 1 rate for range rover right now is 3.99% from Landrover (Chase). Here is the finance breakdown.

3.99% :flushed:. You think you can get a loan pre approved from a different bank? The car is :fire: , but is this the only car your in to?

Try PenFed, it has a published rate of 1.99% for loans upto 100K for upto 60 months.

or you can even try you local credit union.

There is a thread on how to join PenFed if you are interested.

Does not look like there is any mark up or BS fees anywhere.

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DCU will do 1.49% with direct deposit or 1.99% without