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Cool we get it. But your argument makes no sense here. An automatic trans stripper M3 is still 74k. Nobody here is talking about purchasing the car, obviously then the M3 is a no brainer. You won’t find an M3, even stripper, anywhere close to 794/mo pre tax, because that’s what the effective is on this car. Would I option an m340 to 69k and spend 800/mo on the payment? Absolutely not. But you’re not getting any M3 for this money


I started my “argument” with the Msrps were the same. That’s all. Others turned it into which is better loaded lesser car or stripper premium. Mods feel free to landfill all the m3 talk.

Effective $800 + tax??? You’re not gonna find anyone on here unless you lower your cash due.

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I’m not sure about your math, this might depend on market. But in NJ, when you get new car fees/taxes upfront and rest of stuff makes DAS about 2.5-3k and 644 payment is very good for this car, so in this case it is about the same. In current market you are not getting such car with 0 DAS for anything near this amount.

I have the same specced car without the Driver’s Assistance Pro, and I insisted they find me one without it. It still comes with a ton of these features, which I have mostly either turned off or turned down the sensitivity to make it tolerable.

IMHO they make the driving experience worse instead of better. I can count on one hand the number of times of would have liked or used it, and those were extraordinary traffic situations.

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Its amazing. I drive a Tesla and I can’t imagine daily driving another vehicle without it.

Dude give it a rest. Why are you hijacking this dudes transfer thread. If you don’t like the deal move on.I am shocked @trusted_hackrs haven’t already moved you to the off topic landfill.

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What year Honda was it?

You - “Mr. Dealer, please structure this lease as a sign and drive.”

Dealer - “OK, here you go.”

But then they gave you the look as if your crazy. Is that normal ?

Sign and drives get done all the time. On rare occasion, the bank may have some minimum amount due that won’t let them do it, but typically it’s no big deal.

I got a legitimate question
Suppose I do a one pay on a bmw or MB , then I happen to wreck the car completely. Would I loose every single dollar? Or would it be like car insurance where they would give me back the money for the time I didn’t use the car

Doing sign and drive next lease I guess.

No, one pays have specific clauses in the lease about how they are repaid in the event of a loss. It’s usually a prorated return based on how long you have had the car.


Thank you . So a 1 pay is good to do if you have the money?

Depends on the brand and how much mf reduction they give you as to if it’s worth tying up that much capital.

  1. Had a issue with headlight bulbs burning out every 3-4 months, went to 3 dealerships and no resolution. I then changed the bulbs myself taking precautions and had the same effect. Traded it in asap.

Plus the newer accord’s and honda in general have tacky interior. You spend 99% of your time outside of the vehicle so a good interior is a key aspect for me.

Irrelevant in XC60 thread, don’t derail.

Is it possible to change @ursus moniker to what he is called every where else too?

Hi - I’m looking for an electrician to install a second meter and an EV charger in Los Angeles area without charging a crazy premium. Any recommendations?