Signed: 2021 BMW 330I $388/month+tax, 10K/36mon. $2000 drive-off + $3150 MSDs

Signed 2021 BMW 330I yesterday at one of the SoCal BMW dealership

MSRP: $44,595
Selling Price: $39,700 (after OL code)
Monthly Payment: $388.67 not including tax.
Drive-Off Amount: $2,000 (including all the typical fees, first month, etc…)
7 MSD: $3,150
Annual Mileage:10,000
MF: marked up 0.00133
Residual: 58%
Incentives/rebate: 2500 (lease credit, loyalty, recent grad)
Region: SoCal
Leasehackr Score: Around 9.1 including BMW CCA rebate

It was very tough to negotiate due to current situation of low inventory, so I am happy with what I got. It was the last 2021 330I for that dealership, so please do not ask me for dealer info.


Congrats and share pics! Surprised to see a 2021 still hanging around :slight_smile:

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In today’s crazy vehicle market I think you did great!

Enjoy your new BMW!


Did you contact the dealer directly or contact a broker?

I contacted dealer directly.

Thanks for sharing and congrats!

I manually input all the data to the calculator and this is what I got. Does this look good to you?

In terms of the negotiation, how is everything going? Did you give dealers the DAS and monthly payment directly or did you construct everything(MF, RV, Selling price, incentives) for them? Besides, I’m wondering if you have any tips when negotiating with the BMW dealer?

I’m about to work on a 330i as well but in a different region. I will be very happy to sign the contract if I can get a deal like yours.

Any input would be appreciated

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I do not give monthly, but try to work with selling price. It is much easier in my situation because there are many BMW dealers in socal area. I just move to the next one if a dealer cannot match my selling price goal.

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Not bad if we were in pre-COVID, excellent considering current time.

Wow they have a Ferrari in the background

Looks like a 488 to me. Cant tell from the grainy photo.