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Hi guys,
I am completely new to the leasing world so I may need some help on the first deal. I am interested in the 2021 chevy bolt LT 36m/10k. I am in Socal, Costco member and I currently have non gm leases can some who is an expert on leasing help me out I don’t want to get screwed over and pay way too much. (I rather pay monthly as opposed to paying everything at once bec if i get into a crash i wont get back my money) so if someone can PM me that would be awesome!

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I hope that incentive is provided because $300 a month for a corolla is wayyyyyyyyyyy to much!!!

You can drive the camry SE for less. (Brand new)

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That’s a pretty average price for an SE model. The LE and LXE are the more common models and can be had for less but are not optioned as well and come with a different motor. The Camry is a whole different car. That’s comparing apples to oranges so I have nothing for you there.

Damn someone really made money on this deal. I got 2021 Camry SE for my younger brother for $255 pm 10k miles & just first month payment.
Good luck on your car

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Hi John - Just sent over a text regarding one of the X3’s on your spreadsheet. Look forward to hearing from you…

Hello John,
I just sent you an email requesting a quote on a 2021 330xi.

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Hi John, I just texted you about an M340i.
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Hi John, just sent you a text about a 330xi, thank you! - Chris

Hi John, just texted you about the 330ix - Ghalib

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