💯 Nyclife: july bmw deals (nj/ct/ny/pa)

Here is the spreadsheet, all deals plus taxes/fees/msds including loyalty


hey interested in the 530xi…shoud i pm you?

Very interested in x3m40i and x5. How loaded are they? Thanks

that Z4 deal is sweeeeeet, someone in the NE better scoop that up

X3 residuals dropped to 58%, are those numbers right on the spreadsheet?

Just pmd you about the 540

interested in the X3 – what are next steps?

Great deals yet again.

M340i deal looks terrific

Any news on 4-Series?

Pm sent on 540 loaner

X5 PM sent. Also - Can you pm spec on the 2 X5 50i’s you have?

Hi, i’m interested in X3, how do I get exact price based on what I’m looking for in terms of DAS and how do i get details of the car?

Pmd about 540

Pmd about X7

congrats to the one who grabs the 540 demo

Really love this spreadsheet idea!

Do you have any X4?

Msg’d you about the 330!

Interested in the 540 demo

Pmd back on the 540 looking to move forward.