Help parsing 2019 BMW X3 loaner offer, my first hackr attempt!

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They marked up the MF. Base rate is .00145, tell her you want the base rate. After that, you have a pretty fair deal, with maybe slightly more room for discount, but again, very fair once you’re at buyrate.

Awesome, thanks all. Taxes and fees are high here, not a surprise I guess I should have anticipated that!

Looks like my next stop is to ask for the rate and the same % off offered to me in v similar car earlier in the month.

Well come to Virginia where its $699…

$799 here in Florida seems to be the norm :frowning:

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I’d try to get closer to $500/mo $3,500 MSD. A combination of base MF and ~$1,000 addtl dealer discount should get you there.

I definitely get the pride of hacking your own deal, but there are a bunch of brokers in the Northeast that you should be taking a look at.

If nothing else, they will provide you with a good benchmark of what’s possible, and if you can’t make something similar happen, then you could just have them set up your lease. Many of these deals have Loyalty baked in, so you’ll need to back that out if it isn’t applicable.

Actually, this is not true. Most states do not tax on doc. fees, and even though you’re buying the car in CT, you’re exempt from paying CT sales taxes, because the car is registered in NY.

In NY, the following charges, fees, and incentives are generally not subject to sales tax:

  • vehicle registration and title fees if the amount charged by the dealer is the exact amount charged by DMV and the charge is not included in the monthly payment (see Vehicle registration and title fees, on page 8);
  • certain documentation fees;
  • any security deposit that is refunded to the lessee at the end of the lease term;
  • the charge for “gap insurance” if the charge is reasonable, separately stated, and not included in the monthly payment; and
  • any rebates, discounts, or similar incentives provided by the vendor (usually the dealer/lessor) and not reimbursed by the manufacturer or any other third party.
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Update: She came down on the price, some, but affirmed the MF “0.00130”. I’m waiting before replying later today, but I plan to reply:

That I understand the MF, but that rate is ONLY b/c of the MSDs. If you back out the MSDs the MF they’re charging me is actually .00165. I’m asking her instead of coming down any more on MSRP (which seems unlikely, I’m already at 15% off) that she reduce the MF to the base/buy rate (BEFORE MSDs).

I’m still unsure if I’ll pay MSDs, I see conflicting info / risk so I need to do more research. This is how I have my ask structured – though my #s never seem to match hers completely (she says b/c of tax…)

I have it as the price/rate I’m asking, still including 7 MSDs (undecided) and everything else rolled into monthly.

That seems high. Here in suburbs of Chicago a 51k X3 is 589 a month with 7 percent sales tax with first payment. That’s without any negotiations on a brand new vehicle. That’s not including any loyalty.

For a new car you can get 10 to 12 percent off if you push it. For a loaner with that many miles they are barely discounting it.

You need to ask for a full breakdown of the tax. It seems like they’re throwing in some erroneous charges for extra profit.

Using your calculator, the MSDs bring the price down from $522 to $494, a difference of $28/month. Given 36 months, that’s $1,008, guaranteed savings with $3,500 in MSDs. If you invested that $3,500 for 3 years, you would need to be earning 8.8% each year (compound interest). If your finances can live with locking up $3,500, it’s a good bet.

Some here act like they have many investment opportunities that pay more than the 8.8% in your example, but this is guaranteed…no risk.

If I was leasing something where MSD’s were an option, I would think of them as a no risk bond type of investment…diversifying my portfolio.

I don’t qualify for loyalty, unfortunately! They’re discounting it nearly 15% on a 52.5K MSRP – feels to me that they’re discounting it more than they would a new car? I have no doubt I could get her down another 500-1000 in MSRP. However, they are also inflating the MF. If they reduce the MF and I get the savings afforded by max MSPs that’s ~$2K or so over the lease, IIRC. Roughly. I was thinking I’d go after that and leave the MSRP alone as a bargaining chip. We’ll see. I may just end up choosing a less expensive version (this one is on the lot and has the options I want plus leather, but I could compromise :slight_smile: )

It’s not an apples to apples comparison in terms of % off MSRP for new vs demos because the demo mileage above 500 reduces the residual. For example, with the same MSRP and MF on a new X3, you would only need a dealer discount of 12.75% to get to the same monthly payment of $494 after tax because the residual isn’t decreased. Take a look at the calculator link below compared to the one you posted. Bottom line, you need more discount, base MF, and MSD to make this better.

I give up if you’re not even considering (as in you seem to just be shrugging your shoulders) that they’re hosing you on tax and I’ve replied many times on how to fix this amount that is being capped…

Not sure where I shrugged on that? You’re entirely right, and in my drafted-but-not-yet-sent reply, I have requested a full breakdown on all charges – including tax.

Gotcha - helpful, thanks!

I was able to get 12% on a new X3 with full OL code and buy rate MF with relative ease in the tristate area this week so you may be wasting your time here.

No CCA rebate either which is another 1% of discount. I don’t mind loaners but need to be discounted appropriately and wouldn’t take this unless it’s 17% since the new car smell/lack of farts has some value to me. I think loaners are somewhat of a scam to naive buyers since they just see the discount, not realize the mileage penalty impact. Also get yourself a OL code as you should be able to get at least $500 more since half comes out of BMW’s pocket.

There is no debate about MSDs; they are better value than almost any other safe investment vehicle and give usually around a 8-10% annual “return”. Only reason you wouldn’t want to do them is either you don’t have the available cash or may swap it and getting them back may limit your audience.

DM me as I may have a dealer for you. I’m not a broker or looking for anything in return.

That’s impressive…every dealer in the tristate has been a nightmare and I’ve had 5 BMW’s and never had issues…for some reason it now seems to be a whole other story.

Just tell her with your MSDs, the MF should be x. So she knows you already know what the MF is supposed to be and you’re not accepting her markup.