🔌 NJ.LEASE | $179.80/mo after CHARGE UP NJ REBATE | 2020 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Vehicle (EV). $297+tax all other states

Hi, I’m Andy!

I’m 1-man broker operation out of NJ. Serving the NYC Metro and beyond. I focus
on providing the LOWEST prices, with the HIGHEST customer satisfaction, and the
FASTEST service, on leasing the HOTTEST new HYUNDAI models (EV, PHEV, and Gas)
in the Northeast.

My #1 goal is to streamline the Hyundai leasing process for no-nonsense
customers; because I simply could not find a no-nonsense, high-volume Hyundai
dealership in my area to lease from as a consumer. Now, I’m entrenched in it;
and I can share these easy-in, easy-out deals on economical car leases with YOU.

Coming soon! August 2020 Pricing Spreadsheet (Elantra, Kona, Tucson, Sante Fe,
Palisade, … and more!)

Text me for quotes, and to reserve your color preference! 551 – 204 – 8712
(No calls, please. Make contact over text and we can set up a phone call if
you’d like!)

Updated 7/31. Thank you for your interest in the 2019 Ioniq PHEV Limited. These have SOLD OUT. At the mind-boggling effective $189/mo (after $750 state rebate) for NJ residents, I can see why! Base model 2020 PHEVs still in stock.

:electric_plug:Fully Electric Cars

Please see my End of July Specials below on the 2020 Ioniq Electric Vehicle
(EV). Questions about the Ioniq? Feel free to ask! I daily drove a 2019 Ioniq EV
for 9 months, see my thread here.

2020 Ioniq EV SE: Effective $179.80/month. 0 DAS. 36 months, 10k miles per
year. ALL IN incl driveoff.

  • One of the cheapest EV deals ever in the Northeast!

  • 145 MPGe City/121 MPGe Highway, 170 miles of EPA-estimated range.

  • Insanely low 3-year total cost of ownership for NJ residents only.

  • No Tax on EV leases or buyouts in NJ

  • All colors CURRENTLY in stock; these are expected to move quick.

  • 40+ miles more EPA-estimated range than 2019 Ioniq EV, 8” touch screen
    w/Android Auto & CarPlay, 3 YEAR free subscription to BlueLink app (remote
    climate start, car tracking, lock/unlock and more), Standard Michelin
    with 65k
    tread-life warranty (no new tires or regenerative brakes needed at end of
    term for 99% of lessees), Heated Seats!

  • Your only maintenance item is tire rotations, which are included free at any
    Hyundai dealer for the lease term

  • $4250 rebate check comes from state of NJ. Incl in effective payments.
    Choose your payment option:

    • $0 down, $297/month, receive $4250 rebate from NJ -or-

    • 4250 down, $179.80/month, receive $4250 rebate from NJ to offset down

  • Deal

    (> 16 years Leasehackr score)

Or for $45/month more, move up to the fully loaded model.

2020 Ioniq EV Limited: Effective $224.72/month. 0 DAS. 36 months, 10k
miles per year. ALL IN.

  • Just $45/month more gets you significantly improved LED headlights (IIHS
    Top Safety Pick +), Highway Lane Tracing assist and Stop/Go Cruise Control
    (Nearly full self-driving, similar to Tesla), better sound system,
    Navigation, Sunroof!!

  • $4250 rebate check comes from state of NJ. Incl in effective payments.
    Choose your payment option:

    • $0 down, $342.78/month, receive $4250 rebate from NJ -or-

    • $4250 down, $224.72/month, receive $4250 rebate from NJ to offset

  • Deal calculator

  • Drive a semi-autonomous electric car for a fraction of the cost of Tesla:
    Great conversation starter at charging stations!

  • Most colors available, inventory is changing quickly on these!

  • Deal

    (> 15 years on the loaded mode!)

Programs expire 8/3. Must take delivery by 8/3. Prices are subject to change
for rest of August.

You may qualify for additional incentives which are not included and may bring
the price down further: First Responder, Recent Grad.

Note that Loyalty and Hyundai Circle incentives are not available on these
models. Effective payments include $4250 NJ subsidy which can either be paid on
a credit card as a down payment, or the payment can be done as $0 down, first
month only DAS. Since the prevailing advice here is not to put money down on a
lease, and you can probably do some work on credit card points, I’d recommend
only first payment DAS, and taking higher payment. Use your state rebate check
to pay off your CC or invest as you choose. In the future, dealers will get a
system to claim the $4250 at point-of-sale, but discounts may fall out by the
time the incentive is direct-to-dealer.

A $249 Broker Fee is paid to me (preferred via Venmo, Cash App) for all
Hyundai deals.

BonusDrive mail-in-rebate available on most, if not all deals, which is a
$250 mailed rebate check that fully offsets the broker fee and is typically
received in 8-10 weeks
. See BonusDrive details at
https://www.bonusdrive.com/; I am not affiliated with BonusDrive, but happy to
help you fill it out.

Deals are for NJ residents only and include pick up in person at the dealership.
Delivery and shipping options can be negotiated, based on the buyer’s location,
but are not included in advertised prices.

Enjoy the most hassle-free Hyundai Dealership experience in NJ. I have
experienced the worst of dealership antics: from inflatable gorillas, to hot dog
carts, to credit life insurance, to losing the keys for your trade-in. Let me
save you the hassle. Delivery of your new Hyundai takes less than 30 minutes! My
dealerships love to see “Time spent at this place” on Google Maps decrease with
your visit.

If you are interested in New York deals, please share your interest in this
thread with your zip code, and also via text. I am working with multiple Hyundai
dealerships in the area, however please know that NY leases are about $4000
more expensive (~$110/month) than NJ on this car, between taxes and reduced
state incentives.

Interested? Send me a TEXT to (551) – 204 – 8712 with:

  • Zip Code

  • Desired Miles/Year

  • Top three color preferences

  • Desired trim

  • email address, Leasehackr username, and contact preference

Satisfied customer? Please leave a review here.


A note on HMF as a leasing bank and Hyundai as a leasing brand

If you lease a Hyundai through Hyundai Motor Finance (even if not through me),
there are several advantages:

  • Oil changes and tire rotations are included for 3 years/36k miles on 2020
    model year vehicles. This is 2 oil changes more than Toyota, and a
    significant benefit over Honda, Mazda, VW, and Nissan leases

  • Third party buyouts are allowed. You can trade your car into any dealer from
    any make or Carvana, Vroom, KBB Instant Cash Offer. No problem.

  • Lease extensions up to 6 months are typically granted: great if you got a
    killer deal that can’t be reproduced in the future

  • Residuals tend to be low to realistic. Unlike makes like BMW, your buyout is
    generally on the low side. Leases are subsidized with upfront lease cash as
    opposed to inflated residuals. If you do have to get out of your Hyundai,
    especially towards the end of the lease, the buyout wont’ insult you most of
    the time.

  • Electronic document signing, loan processing, payment, website, statements,
    etc are all pretty good and tend to work well

  • Hyundai is a good value leasing brand. For cars such as Toyota Corolla,
    Honda CR-V, or Nissan Murano, a comparable Hyundai is often cheaper with
    more features at a given trim level.

  • Hyundai has 7 credit tiers and they don’t beat you up too bad. If you’re
    having trouble leasing other brands on this site, give Hyundai a try!

The key disadvantage to HMF is that lease transfers are not allowed, but again
with low to realistic residuals, this is typically not an issue if you want out
of it…

My Simple 10-Step Start-to-Finish Leasing Process.

  1. Do your research, determine what car, color, features, options, miles that
    you’re interested in. Test drive before reaching out if possible.

  2. Review the top and last posts here on my deals thread, pick out a car you

  3. Send me a TEXT at 551 – 204 – 8712. TEXT is the fastest way to reach me.

    • Be sure to include

      • Zip Code

      • Desired Miles/Year

      • Top three color preferences

      • Desired model & trim

      • Approx credit score

      • Email address, and contact preference

  4. I will confirm price and color, as well as get your preferences around
    delivery timeframe and location.

  5. If you like the car and price, I will send instructions for payment of the
    $250 broker fee. Venmo & Cash App are the preferred options right now. I’ll
    also send over a 1-page lease brokerage agreement that explains that I am a
    broker working for you to locate the best price on the vehicle and lease
    with your specifications.

  6. When I receive the signed lease brokerage agreement (via DocuSign) and
    broker fee payment, I will immediately lock-in the VIN and dealership for a
    specific car. I will contact the salesperson at that dealership who will
    physically grab the keys to the car, walk over to it, and put hands on it to
    be sure that it is the car you have requested.

  7. Once the car is confirmed to exist, the salesperson will call you with a
    specific dealership name, location, stock number, and VIN for your car. The
    dealership will ask for your credit information and complete your credit
    application over the phone.

    1. If your credit is not approved. I will reach out and refund your broker
      fee within 48 hours.

    2. If your credit is conditionally approved, the dealership or I will reach
      out to update you on the situation. If your new approval is at a higher
      rate and you are not satisfied with approval terms/payment and you do
      not take the vehicle, the broker fee will be refunded.

    3. If the car is not available, the broker fee will be refunded. Other than
      these scenarios, the broker-fee is non-refundable.

  8. Once your credit is approved, I will send you (via DocuSign) your signed
    Commitment Letter. This letter and includes identifying information about
    the vehicle, as well as your precise payment terms, based on your credit
    approval. Print this Commitment Letter and take it with you to the
    dealership to ensure that your bottom-line contract figures match up with
    the prices that I have committed to provide you as a broker. This gives you
    peace-of-mind that what you’re signing at the dealership matches up with
    your pre-negotiated numbers.

  9. Your salesperson will reach out to set up a delivery appointment.

  10. Delivery will consist of signing an electronic contract at the dealer site,
    and driving off in your car. My deliveries are typically very quick.

Any Questions? Post here! Know what car you want? Ready to drive off in your new
Hyundai Electric, Gas, or Hybrid vehicle? Text 551 – 204 – 8712!


So this amazing Hyundai Ioniq charges using the standard “Common Charging Standard” connection.

In the trunk of the new car is a Hyundai OEM L1 charger. One end plugs into the car and the other end plugs into a regular 3-prong 120V AC outlet in/on your home, just like a phone charger. A full charge on this connection takes ~30 hours from 0 to 100% charged.

The cool thing is that the charger that comes with the car, despite having a US plug on it, is designed for global use, just like a voltage switching Hair Dryer or laptop charger. It can actually take a 240V power source no problem. Using the EVdoubler that I bought on eBay from this guy: https://evdoctor4earth1.weebly.com/ (I used the EVDoubler Mini 620), you can charge the car twice as fast, using just a 240V outlet, the inexpensive adapter, and the charger that comes with the car.

Next up is the most common type of charging station, this one takes about 6 hours to fully charge the car from 0 to 100%, and is the type you’ll most commonly find in hotels, parking garages, etc. This is 240V 20amp and also the type of charging that most people install at home. Charge units you can buy at Costco or similar for around $2-300.

Finally is DC Fast Charging. This can charge up the whole car in less than an hour, but it’s harder to find a public charger as the amount of power actually goes into those is more than buildings are normally wired for. This is more like a Tesla Supercharger.

Hyundai partners with Chargepoint. I recommend a Chargepoint account, RFID card (they’re free), and the app in order to locate and charge.


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Hi Andy, I’m interested in Ioniq SE base model
I live in New York though. I know with state and federal rebate i can get $10,000 off. I should be able to qualify for first responder as well. How much off msrp can you get? I would definitely like to get a quote, since my lease is up already and my current car maturity date is August 15th. I would love to be in the $200 range, the nationalize offer is $209 with 2K down without tax. Which isn’t a good deal since I will have to put money towards cap cost reduction to get it that price. I been trying to find a broker that works with Hyundai dealers in New York, you’re the first I seen.

11706 - zip code
10K - mikes per year
Color preference - (Blue W/grey interior) (White W/grey interior) Grey electric shadow W/grey interior
Credit Score - 778
Email - Edwinjim84@gmail.com

Thank you,

Hi Edwin,
Unfortunately, in NY this pure EV deal is going to be more expensive, even with a respectable dealer discount. I would recommend reaching out about the Ioniq PHEV instead.

I have a few 2019 PHEV Limited’s left, which will be a lower payment. Just DMV fees and first payment down, $199/month, including NJ tax. In NJ this would be $600 DAS, then 35 payments of $199 on a 36/10k. NJ residents would then get a $750 Charge up NJ post-sale rebate, bringing the effective monthly down to “$189/0DAS” for NJ residents.

Currently the dealerships are very busy being the end of the month, so I don’t have the exact tax quote for NY yet, and because the leftover 19 PHEVs, Limiteds are at a NJ dealership. But they can do $199/month for NY residents, and within a few dollars of that for other states, with just DMV and first payment DAS, depending on your tax and DMV rates.

Please text me at 551 – 204 – 8712 if you’d like to lock in any of these deals. There is Limited 2019 inventory of Limiteds.


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Do you have a dealer in NY that you work with? If so the PHEV would qualify for an $1,100 point of sale rebate for an NY resident too.

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I do! However, those particular PHEVs were at a dealer in NJ and are now sold out, all leased to NJ residents.

My current NY dealer partner is OFF Long Island. Long Island dealers are harder to work with on Clean Pass elgiible vehicles because Clean Pass is a bigger deal on the island than everywhere else in the state. I’ve gotten a fair number of inquiries for both.

I’m planning a trip to LI next week to try and work something out, seeing the continued interest from LI zip codes.

For NY customers on LeaseHackr, where would you prefer to pick up your Hyundais sourced through me?

  • On Long Island
  • Not on Long Island

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Thank you for the feedback! I will be sure to include the $1100 rebate in ads targeting NY residents on PHEVs, and $2000 rebate on EVs, when sourced through a participating NY dealer.

Any deals for the Kona EV?