💚 Andy | Chevy Camaro LT1 V8 Factory Orders | SOLD OUT | See my Hyundai specials instead! Camaro Production Has Halted!

Hi, I’m Andy! :wave:

You’re in an Old Thread.
This is a historical deal from February to March 2021.

Currently, and for the forseeable future, I only work with the Hyundai brand.
I do not currently work with Chevrolet, and cannot help you with a Camaro, or GM Truck.

Please click here to proceed to my new 2021 Thread, which brings the same great service & experience, exclusively to the Hyundai brand.

⠀Below this line is a historical deal from February to March 2021 only.

⠀ ⠀ ⠀

Hi, I’m Andy!

You may know me from my work with EV, PHEV, and Gas Hyundais.
Today, I’m here with an opportunity that may, unfortunately, offset some of the emissions savings from all those EVs.

Custom-build a 2021 V8-equipped 455-horsepower Camaro LT1 in your choice of color, roof, transmission, and options, and lock in the low lease rates you’ve been seeing here for when it arrives in Spring!

All deals are at sticker price, which is still an impressive LH score on a vehicle with this kind of power. No shady dealer add-ons or mark-up. $1750 in conquest rebates and $1000 Everyone rebate is included in Calculators.

2021 Camaro LT1 Coupe Calculator & 2021 Camaro LT1 Convertible Calculator

Example Payments: $286/month with $2139 Drive-Off, NJ Tax/Fees included. Manual Base Model. Add your performance exhaust and Recaros and still keep it under 350!

I’m best known here for my unbeatable deals on economy cars. However, I’m also an active member of LeaseHackr and am aware of the recent interest in the 2021 Camaro LT1 Coupe & Convertible: due to strong leasing programs, even when this vehicle is leased at Sticker Price.

Until today, I was not offering any RWD, 2-door, convertible, or V8-equipped vehicles in my lineup.
Keeping with my theme, I’m here today to bring another niche segment to the LH Marketplace in a repeatable, no-nonsense manner! Even though these vehicles could not be more different from front-drive, Import, EV Hatchbacks, I believe Lease shoppers in any segment should be treated fairly!

I’m not currently advertising any Chevrolet vehicles other than the Camaro LT1. If you need a specific Chevy, please reach out. But I also implore you review my Hyundai lineup. I stand behind my Hyundai lineup as the best bang for buck in most segments, for a shopper looking to lease a car from an Economy brand.

The Camaro LT1 is a V8 sportscar. Nobody needs a Camaro, so you will need Tier 1 credit for these. If you have sub-prime credit, I will direct you to a Hyundai. The LT1 trim is the lease special, so understand that options or higher trims will significantly increase your payment.

I charge a $349 broker fee for all Chevy Camaro deals.


  1. Build your Camaro Online.
  2. Text Andy at 551-204-8712. Text a link to your build or, I’ll provide my email address.
  3. Credit Approval over the Phone
  4. Place a $1000 deposit with the dealership to Factory Order your Car
  5. Pick up your car in approx. 8-12 weeks! Your 39-month lease starts on the day you pick it up. Pickup location in the Greater Philly/NJ area (I am based in greater NYC/NJ area but Camaros are more popular South/West of here)

Using the Chevy Build Tool

Please see the below screenshots to ensure that you select the correct Trim, and share the link accordingly. Either Coupe or Convertible is fine, but you must choose a LT1, not a 1LT or any other trim.

Start at: Camaro for Sale: 2022 Camaro Pricing | Chevrolet

Calculating your Price using the LH Calculator

Start with one of my LH calculator templates.

Update the MSRP and Selling Price to match the Total Vehicle Price.

Update Taxes for your ZIP code.

Ensure you qualify for GM Conquest, if not, remove $1750 from the Taxed Rebates Section

LOCK-IN Guarantee

Incentive programs and your payment will be locked in with your order, UNLESS the car gets cheaper, at which point you’ll be eligible for the then-current incentives. You will NOT have to pay a higher price if programs get worse. You will only pay the locked-in price, or cheaper.
You may have seen inconsistencies about whether or not incentives can be locked on a Chevy, but rest assured, with me, YOUR LEASE PRICE WILL NOT GO UP BETWEEN ORDERING, AND TAKING DELIVERY. If you don’t get the car at the advertised price, the broker fee is fully refundable! Reach out for further details!

Order your Camaro now and receive it just in time for the Spring!

Take advantage of the low Winter prices you’ve been seeing listed around LH, but take delivery when these cars are HOT.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: If this deal is at sticker price, why should I pay a broker fee?
A: Feel free to order this deal at your local Chevy dealer if they’re willing to match it. Many dealers will require you to come in to place the order, then make a second trip to pick up the car. I will allow you to place the order remotely, saving you one trip. To some, that trip saved and upfront pricing is worth the $350 fee.

Any questions? Ready to place an order? Text me at 551-204-8712!

There is a limited Window to get these orders in. Ordering switches over to the 2022 Model Year in early April.

Update: This deal is OVER as Camaro Production was halted on 3/15/2021…You can still text me, but I am only offering EV, PHEV, and Gas Hyundais

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This is a nice hassle free way for some guys get into a Camaro, especially after dealing with a bunch of dealers.
But, at 0% off MSRP, the dealer should at least cover your fee. I wonder how many people will bite

While I can appreciate the perspective that my fee should be rolled in to the dealer’s end, I’m never paid off a percentage of dealer profit. Flat-rate has been and always will be my model. It’s better for the customer and easier for me to handle as a the 1-man accounting department.

Under my business model, I always charges the customer upfront via major credit card. I authorize the card when the customer sends over their build, then only hit the customer with an actual $349 charge AFTER the dealer has fully firmed up the availability, credit rating, and the deal is ready to go. So in this case, the customer won’t actually have to lay out my fee until everything is sorted out.

The argument for sticker price is that this is a completely custom-built car to the buyer’s specifications. There’s already been some speculation by others on the forum that these might end up with some positive equity at the end. We’ve realistically seen an average of ~5% discount on these posted on the forum, but those were all for in-stock units.

On a car like this, your choice of color, roof, transmission, and key options (if you gotta have the performance exhaust, or gotta have the Recaros) are make-or-break. You’re talking about a potential ~$1700 worth of discount, where a custom exhaust, wrap job, appearance package, or other small tweak to could easily blow that money on aftermarket.

I have not seen many custom order LT1 deals posted on this site. If it takes me offering a “great deal” at sticker price to encourage someone to go out to do better, I encourage it! If you succeed at beating my pricing on a custom build of this car, please share it here so we can all benefit from the data point. I’d love to be able to go lower, but I’m glad we can have payments in the $300-s on this car.

It’s my understanding that this car is competitive with BMW M4 at a much more attractive payment. BMW people please correct me if I’m wrong there.


I can agree with that. I would definitely pay more for a car custom built for me. How much more? That I don’t know.
Color choice is a big deal for a lot of people …and of course the beautiful recaros/ dual mode exhaust.

Either way, it’s a nice service you’re providing

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Cool idea! Very tempting with the additional conquest rebates that the Northeast gets.

By the way, the memo in the LH calculator says “$3250 Conquest Included, Remove from Taxed Incentives if you Don’t qualify” although it says $2,750 elsewhere. Is it $2,750 or $3,250?

So why would somebody pay you $350 to order at MSRP if they can go to the dealer and order under MSRP?

I can respect the hustle but hustle ins’t the only thing that LeaseHacker community is about.

There have been reports on this forum of dealers marking up these cars. LH members have been trying to buy at, around, or slightly below sticker, and getting snarky pushback that the payments are “too low for a camaro”. My personal favorite was the “Are you looking for a Spark or Camaro” guy.

If you can go to the dealer and factory order this car at under MSRP, please post the data point here! I’d love to see it done. As far as I know, there’s no evidence to date of community members succeeding at ordering this car under MSRP. This is addressed in my Frequently Asked Question in my first post.

There’s no proof that anyone has gotten an order done under MSRP on one of these (as a custom build, vs off the lot). Consider this your prompt to find that proof and undercut my price.

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Hey, I’m not knocking the hustle like I said…If someone throws money at you by all means take it. But buying at MSRP is hassle free as is. I’ve ordered cars at under invoice. Sound like you want me to go to work, so whats is your offer if I get under MSRP on factory orders?

I didn’t think you could factory order 2021s anymore? Aren’t 2022s out or on their way?

I wish it was always hassle-free to buy at MSRP. Sadly, that’s not always the case. Depending on the supply and demand curve for that particular car, there is sometimes dealer markup and additional shenigans. I’m here with this offer in direct response to reports that people tried to buy THIS car at MSRP, and got the run-around.

Saleable MY22 Camaro build starts 3/4 at Lansing. So I guess they’ve got a few days?

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If you are picky on options, this is the way to go. I’ll admit it took me awhile just to find a manual, and I still settled on the build spec.

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And let’s be honest here - paying $349 to not communicate with a GM dealer sounds like a bargain :grin:


Agreed! Especially having to re-iterate the model is an LT1 with V8, not 1LT with 4/6cyl. That took some patience…


'cries in Virginian"

Always get excited when I see “northeast”

dope deals nonetheless

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Can someone lock in their Buypower incentive? That expires on 3/1.

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I don’t think so

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I couldn’t get my local dealer to lock in even conquest now for a car coming on 3/5. Ridiculous.


In all fairness, if GM doesn’t allow them to ‘lock in’ offers across program months, there’s nothing they can do about it. The only times, I’ve seen them consider this lately was for full-size trucks when inventory was slim to none-existent at some points last year.

Sure, but @AA-NJ has a dealer willing to lock in much further out than that, so sounds like GM doesn’t have an issue.