Nicest SUV for $450/month $0 DAS?

The majority of you are saying it’s unrealistic and I will accept that. So let me rephrase my question, what’s the nicest 6 cylinder loaded SUV I can get for maximum $450/month with $0 DAS? I’m located in CT but can drive to NJ, NY, or MA if needed.

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Check the marketplace to see what brokers/dealers are offering. TONs of information there. Use it.

That being said, a loaded X5 has never been $450 per month.


Especially in this market, try >$600 a month with fees at signing for a loaded SUV at the bare minimum. You are asking for a top-of-the-line vehicle with all options and packages, which can have an MSRP of at least $70,000 (for an XC90) or closer to $100,000 (for X5 or Audi Q8).

If you are looking for a $450 a month SUV, maybe try to find a loaner XC90 T5 Momentum and a dealer willing to give a sizeable discount.

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I would say you are :100: disconnected from today’s leasing reality. But 2019 was a hell of a summer, agreed.


Not going to happen, at least not if your definition of luxury is BMW, Audi, MB, etc. Keep in mind that if your max is $450/month and you want $0 DAS, probably $50-$75 of your budget is going to taxes and rolling the upfront costs in. This means you’re really asking for a fully loaded luxury SUV at $375-$400/month, which isn’t going to happen. You need to either raise your budget or lower your expectations.

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Alright so what’s the nicest SUV I can get for that price?

Alright so in your opinion what’s the nicest SUV I can get for that price?

Look in the marketplace and decide for yourself. No need to be spoonfed information


That too :spoon: but please bring some agency with your requests:

  • everyone don’t know your state taxes/incentives off the top of their heads
  • nor your likes (don’t care)
  • nor dislikes (don’t care)

It’s the second largest financial decision most people make, ffs please.



Just got an x5 BEFORE the rise in BMWFS MF, and before the 2% drop in residual. Not even fully loaded, it’s 800 a month all in.

$450 a month on any x5 is a unicorn’s unicorn in this climate.


RX350’s last month were around $450 with Loyalty. Not sure what they are like this month.

That’s a “luxury” SUV


A Unicorn :unicorn:, stuffed inside a Bigfoot :gorilla:, stuffed inside a Lochness Monster :sauropod: — deep-fried and smothered in gravy. .


Acura RDX w/Tech might be something you’d want to look into although it is smaller than an X5 in size.

Another issue you’ll run into is finding a “6cyl” manufacturers have turned to 4cyl turbos for a vast majority - but I do recommend going to drive a few cars, you may realize that the vehicle’s you’re interested in have adequate power (and options for that matter without being fully loaded)


If there are 2020 MDXs left, those aren’t a bad option.

Do QX60s still lease relatively cheaply? I try to ignore Infinity like their former ceo.

If not an

One of the dust-buster Lexus NXs?

$450 sign and drive isn’t even an X1. Maybe an XC40?


I would scour the marketplace and hire a broker, but it’s quite a scratch and dent list.

If you exit lux, CX-5/9, Highlander.

If you want a third row, SOL. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Subaru Forester Limited or Touring.

Maybe too small, but has hands down the best visibility of any car on the road.


Toyota is definitely not a luxury brand, but top of the line fully loaded Highlander XLE Premium was going in the 450-500 range with 0 or just first DAS even as recently as a week or 2 ago if leased thru Ally. Not sure if May numbers have changed.

Edit: Actually were even less than I thought if you can find inventory. Limited’s we’re going for $450 XLE were right around $400. Check out this in the market place or reach out to @Jrouleau426 he’s up in your neck of the woods.


:point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: Look no further, that’s your answer.


They do not - none of the Infiniti lineup leases well anymore unless you’re in an existing lease.


Highlander XLEs in New England were 325/month 325 @ signing last month